Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Trespass and Other Things

Boy, the things I do for you, the reader.
Risky business this blogging thing.
Sort of.
Today I went in to work to check on some things that needed checking on but no one was there to do any checking.
I was about to leave when I spied some other folks doing their job:

I don't like heights.
For the life of me I don't know how those guys do it, swinging around up there in the breeze.
Not that there was any breeze today, it was hot and humid.
Still, you get all sweaty and a things a getting all slippery:

I was rushing the photos cause I didn't want them to get too low, and I forgot again to check my camera settings.
It sort of worked out okay though as I took these hand held with Big Mama and even with the Vibration Reduction I was weaving back and forth looking almost straight up.
I wanted to get a couple more angles but I was kicked off the property.
That's right, some security dude came and reminded me that I was taking pictures on private property.
This property is right across the street from school and also houses a furniture place and restaurant.
Oh well.
I forgot to post up some pre art festival pictures of My Friend Kyle doing some raku:

Not so good.
Longer exposure please:

Getting better but I think I needed another half second or so.
Unfortunately he was done for the night, so maybe next time.
If you squint yer eyeballs you can see my two Jack in the Box tacos on the table to the left.
Finally, I got in my anti flat devices:

Some Mr. Tuffy tire liners!
Oh yeah baby!
Those are supposed to be for 26 inch tires, but when you unravel them, they look like they could go on some 29s.
They are also on the heavy side, but no matter since my bicycle already weighs a GAGILLION pounds.
Hopefully though this will help stop things from poking through my tires.
I'll get those installed and go find some other place to go and trespass.


Steve A said...

Did you get a photo of the security guy?

limom said...

Uh, no.