Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday Early Edition

I just had the weirdest dream:
I was being called to the principal's office which was where Jack in the Box is in Kaneohe because some girl had video of me supposedly gambling with Kip, a dude I went to college with, who was turned in by my old high school English teacher Mr. Proctor who was promoted to like admin who ever since has had it in for me and I was just about to explain myself when I woke up.
It was one of those dreams where I didn't want to wake up, you know, I wanted to know how it was going to end.
Maybe I'll go back to sleep.
Or not.
Anyways, just some stuff that didn't make it in during the weekly posts, since I got like nothing for today's post.
I mean it is still early.
Sort of.
Down at the park the other day, I saw some kids doing this:

He's sliding down the hill on a piece of cardboard.
I guess you don't need waves to surf.
Here's that hole in ground from the other night:

It looked way cooler when I rolled by.
Before they broke what I assume was a sewer pipe.
Once the crane started moving that pipe I got the hell out of there.
My eyes started to water.
If you know what I mean.

That's one of my six out of focus (OOF) pictures from the same night.
One of the difficult things about shooting in the dark is well, there isn't enough light to tell if things are sharp or not.
They look sharp on the LCD, even when zooming in, but sometimes they aren't.
I think I need glasses.
I do have glasses.

Cruise ship leaving port.
I have another pic of that same ship with lights a blazing, but I think it's like really OOF.
It's even more difficult to shoot moving stuff when it's dark.
I went on a cruise once to the Caribbean (face palm!).
I also went back and took another shot(s) of some stuff I took shots of but weren't happy with:

The golfball boat.
I'm finding that boats are another difficult subject for it's well, difficult to show scale.
Or maybe I'm just doing it wrong.
There's a bit of vignetting on left side of the image cause I'm shooting through this:

That fence lines a good portion of the sidewalk area around the harbor.
Why, I don't know.
Maybe the harbor folks didn't like fishing folks well, fishing from the sidewalk or they didn't want folks jumping in the water or they just felt like blocking a really nice view.
My tax dollars at work.
I had to shoot through the fence to take this:

If you squint yer eyeballs, you can see said fence goes from where I am to way over there.
Lastly, I got in another two 16x24 metal prints the other day, but one of them has a flaw:

There's that black pool looking thing right smack dab in the middle of the picture.
I checked the original file cause sometimes things show up when you go big, but it's not there.
On the original file I mean.
I'm waiting to hear back from the printing folks to see what I can do cause it really does mess up the image.
I need to make a couple of these metal prints with some kind of bicycle theme and I need to make them before the end of the month cause that's when the sale ends.
So that's what I'm working on today.
Something bicycle related.
Stay tuned.

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