Monday, July 29, 2013


Well in about 12 hours or so, tropical storm Flossie will be passing over the Flat Tire Command Center (FTCC).
The storm has been weakening as it nears the islands, but right now it looks like the Big Island will be taking a full hit.
It's been a while since we had a full blown storm here, tropical or otherwise.
Hurricane Iwa hit in 1982, and we had Hurricane Iniki in 1992, so following that timeline we're a year late for a big one.
I remember both storms and they were doozies.
Both hit Hawaii in the channel between O'ahu and Kauai, sort delivering a left hook as it passed southeast of the island chain.
Flossie looks like it'll pass right smack dab over us, giving each island some tropical storm love.
The view outside of the FTCC this morning:

Actually our hurricane season doesn't start until like November so this is more like a summer storm.
Unfortunately I'm not very prepared.
Or am I?
Most of my camping stuff is all packed away in boxes of unknown location.
On the other hand I do have my bicycle stuff.
Like a couple of headlights that if set on low last a pretty long time.
If needed, I got three tail lights that can bathe me in a red glow.
I have a candle around here somewhere that I've had for like forever; I'll be looking for it as soon as I'm done doing this.
Ever since I moved, I've been cooking on this:

I've got lots of gas and a bunch of canned soups.
I think storms/hurricanes are an adventure.
We need them every once in a while to remind us of who we are and where we are and that we at the mercy of powers beyond our control.
Most of us tend to take things for granted don't you know.
Besides, the rain washes away the dust and plants get watered and after every thing looks all nice and green.
What with all the debris on the roads and all.
Anyways, I'll be riding this out and the only thing I'm worrying about losing is my internet connection.
You know, the eVilness, CL, Amazon and all that.
Hope it's dry where you are.
Not wishing you were here:


Khal said...

Batten down the hatches and stay dry, brah!

My wife was in Honolulu for both Iniki and Iwa. I moved to Paradise in 1987. Iniki brings back some strong memories. We had just moved into a house in Kalama Valley a month before the storm hit in September, 1992. For a while, it looked like we were going to take a direct hit. We figured "well, we got to live here a month before the place blows down". Then Iniki did a jig and a jag and hit Kauai instead. Our biggest expense was that we brought in a bunch of plants and our cat got a leaf from one of them caught in his gut and needed emergency care!

Fortunately, this is a tropical storm, not a Category V.

limom said...

Yeah Iniki was interesting.
At the old Flat Tire Command Center we got some gusts of wind but that was about it.
Iwa was way worse!
Right now, it's actually sunny!
The calm before so to speak.

John Romeo Alpha said...

If things get rough, remember the ancient cry of the islands: save the bikes! save the bikes!

Steve A said...

Better a hurricane than a tsunami!

limom said...

JRA, bicycles safely tucked away.

Steve A, you're telling me.
I'm actually right at sea level here though about a mile or so inland.