Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday Early Edition

Twenty two days.
I'm counting.
That's about how many days I have until I go back to work.
Well, I actually have to go back and see about the new room and the tables and computers and stuff, but it's not really work without the kids.
Then it becomes work.
If you know what I mean.
So I've been pretty much idle the past few days, I got a foot problem, so let's recap the week.
Sort of.
First, the shorts.
I have one pair of bicycle shorts left over from the good ole days.
My other well, shorts are bib type shorts.
This pair of shorts are regala type shorts.
So I was sitting on a rock over by the water and I look down and I notice that the leg parts are getting kinda worn.
I still remember seeing my brother's worn shorts.
From behind.
My worn shorts letting the light shine through:

So I started to think about all the places I went to wearing those shorts.
Thankfully my MTB jerseys hang a bit low and cover my you know what up.
The thing is, the padding part is still good and the cheapness within me is having a difficult time letting these shorts go.
So based upon Mr. RANTWICK's shorts review, I ordered me a pair.
Of shorts I mean.
That way certain um, parts, don't see the light of day.
Speaking of light, I found the reason part of my night ride is in darkness.
Some time back, thieves stole the copper wiring for the lights, effectively blacking out one side of the viaduct.
Evidence of copper wire theft:

Once, I went in to salvage a factory and in one of the back rooms, you know, the electrical room, we found the wire stripped and believe it or not, foot prints scorched into the floor.
There have also been police reports of folks getting electrocuted trying to strip the wiring out of abandoned buildings.
Not a good thing.
My 16x24 metal prints came in the other day:

Okay, sort of awesome.
The one on the left has some sort of blemish in sky, like those waves that appeared in that other picture I tried to upload here.  Not sure what is causing it as it doesn't appear in the original file.  Could be due to something I'm doing in post processing.
I'm still happy with them and I can't wait to order a couple more.
You know, for my new office.
The thing is, the images have to be full sized, meaning not cropped too much, and most of the stuff I want to do was taken with my little camera.
The little camera also has a different aspect ratio:

That image was taken with the small camera and you can see how the aspect ratio is different from the prints I got.
When I order the big sizes, it automatically crops to the chosen aspect ratio and I lose some pixels.
Anyways, I may try to get out today and get some pictures, ailing foot and all, since I don't know how long that sale at AdoramaPix is going to last.
For about $70 you get a 16x24 metal print that's ready to hang.
Okay, time to figure out what I'm going to do with the rest of my summer.
The days are just flying by!
Sort of.

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