Monday, July 1, 2013


I did it!
I finally made it!
After all these years of trying!
Oh my I'm a gonna rush out and tell all my friends!
What the hell am I talking about?
Well looky looky here: I made the cover of The Flat Tire!
Okay, it's only my hairy legs, but it's still me!
This is a momentous occasion.
I'm buying extra copies.
Anyways, some stuff came in the mail today, just as I was leaving to go change my oil.
First, lemme show you this:

Like air from a tire I emailed this dude/dudette as fast as my fingers could fly across the keyboard!
Posted at 8:30am, it was taken down a half hour after I sent my message.
Someone scored.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, what about the trees?
Trees? what you talking bout Willis?
Oh the Threes!
This three:

I just ordered me some tire levers.
You can never have too many.
Don't you know.
It seems like I remember ordering a bunch like this about a year ago and every time I walk into the LBS it seems I buy one or two but every time I need to find one, I never can.
Find a tire lever that is.
Oh I have one on every bicycle.
In the tool bag thingy.
Don't want to take them out lest I lose them too.
If you know what I mean.
So I just keep buying them and losing them.
Eventually I find them.
In the sock drawer.
Okay, not really.
I don't have a drawer dedicated to socks.
At least not yet.
Anyways, they're kinda like socks so I don't even bother buying them in pairs anymore.
Along with them levers, my metal prints came in:

Actually just the two on the right, I already had the left one.
I should have had it redone and added a bit more saturation though.
The one on the left I mean.
The three pictures were taken on the same day at the same place, so you can see how long I was there.
Out of the hundred or so images I took that day, I thought these three sort captured what I saw.
Not sure how I'm gonna hang em yet, side by side or top to bottom.
I gotta say, the one on the far right rocks!
The colors along with the metal just makes the image pop!
The metal captures almost perfectly the way the water reflects the light and shimmers.
I can hardly wait for my 16x24's to come in.
I was going to use that image for this months header shot, but well, I've never been on the front page and all that.
Don't tell anyone, but I had to bribe myself to put that shot up.
It'll be just between you and me.
Sort of.

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