Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Early Edition

Two more days of nothingness.
Sort of.
I have something to do today so it's more like one day.
Back to work on Tuesday.
Actually I'm looking forwards to going back, new year and all that.
Except the first week, without kids, is like pulling teeth what with all the meetings and stuff.
This is my sixth year in the system, second as a teacher and lemme tell you, the meetings are like watching the same movie trailer over and over and over and over and over and well, you get the picture.
Anyways, yesterday I went shopping:

I always imagined getting my own executive chair, you know, once I got my own office.
I was in chair heaven!
Sort of.
Them chairs are kinda pricey.
I was going for one of them high back chairs for ultimate comfort but then I thought boy, I'm still on probation so I better not.
Maybe next year.
On the other hand, I didn't want one of them "task" chairs, like the one that's already in my room.
I spend over an hour sitting here and sitting there, leaning back, going up and down, swiveling around to and fro.
They have these mesh chairs that are kinda nice, but cost a bit more.
We aren't air conditioned at school so that sort of factored in, especially since it's still summer.
In the end though, I went mid range:

No tools required!
The unboxing:

I was going to make a video.
Okay, not really.
Why folks make videos of unboxing stuff or opening packages I don't know.
Anyways, this thing was too big.
As promised, assembly was easy.
Put the wheels on the bottom thingy, insert gas thingy in bottom thingy, pop chair on top.

One hundred and twenty nine dollars of leather goodness!
Some nice lady at the store saw me testing out the chairs and gave me a coupon so I got a nice little discount.
Now if that chair doesn't say superiority, I mean it's got four year degree written all over it!
Testing it out:

Oh yeah baby!
Perfect those times when I need a little nap, er, break.
Not that I take any breaks at work.
Don't you know.

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