Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Final

I'm all pumped up!
Sort of.
I mean I slept a lot today.
After seeing my nephew get water poured on his head at a place of worship, the family went out to eat and I ate.
Then came the sleepiness.
I succumbed.
Then I woke up.
Still sleepy.
So I went back to sleep.
Anyways, now I'm up and here to tell you, the reader, about my new pump:

I actually have another pump, but it's in some box somewhere and I couldn't find it.
So Black and Nasty it is!
My other Lezyne pump, the blue one, is for like roade bikes and it was taking me like 200+ pumps to well, pump up the tires on my non-roade bike.
Instead of a huffing and a puffing going down the road, I was standing by the side of the road a huffing and a puffing trying to puff up my tires.
If you squint yer eyeballs you can see that the black and nasty Lezyne Alloy Drive is bit larger diameter wise than the blue Pressure Drive.
Both have the same hose stored inside the body:

I kinda like the hose on the pump as it helps to save the valve stem from wild gesticulations while said a huffing and a puffing is going on.
This one has what looks like a bleed valve on the presta side:

Not quite sure that's needed as I've never had any problems removing the hose and I run presta even on my non-roade bike.  Then again, I usually only get to around 40psi before the canned air comes out.
The Alloy Drive also has a new clamp thingy:

Again, squinting yer eyeballs, you can see that the pump will fit in the clamp from either side, the old style would only mount one way.
I've never mounted the clamp so can't comment on how it works but it seems a bit well, rattle prone.
The other small complaint I have is that the rubber plug thingys that seal each end tend to come off for no reason, thankfully they are attached to the body.
Other than that, I've really like my Lezyne pump, I should know, after about six hundred pumps it's still going strong.
Hopefully with this new pump, it will only take me 100 pumps or so to get to terminal inflation with less a huffing and a puffing and wild gesticulations on the side of the road.
Not looking forwards to trying it out.
If you know what I mean.

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