Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Black and Blue and More Foo-Foos

After I got home tonight, I got a chance to do a quick inventory of all the stuff I've done so far.
Once you start to crank stuff out, it's gets sort of hard to keep track of what exactly you made, and what colors you used.
I mean if it was up to me, I'd probably just use one color and get it over with.
Unfortunately, it's nice to have a good variety of stuff, especially if you're trying to move it.
My cache so far:

That's like 28 stuffs right there, with another nine in the kiln, six waiting to be glazed, and five drying.
So lemme see, that's like twenty eight plus nine, etc, all told about forty eight stuffs.
If I can get out another thirty this week end, I'll be doing all right.
I put some color patterns on the side so that I can explore them again, and the picture will help me decide what kind of shapes I need to work on.
I also have this book called Ceramic Design by Peter Lane which has a section of silhouettes to look at:

Sort of a pottery template.
I've found that I sort of like glazing certain things, maybe a bit too much. Having a sort of OCD personality, it's easy to get carried away.
Here's another blue/black thingy:

I started to like doing the dots thing, so I did a bowl:

Then I got really really carried away and did a bottle:

Maybe I need to step away from the dot thingy.
The other thing I noticed was that my stuff sort of kept getting larger, I was gravitating towards the size of stuff I was used to making.
Well I hope to fix that and keep the sizes around the same for my scale finally arrived:

Eleven bucks from Amazon!
Now I can start weighing out my clay get some consistency.
I can also start making sets of bowls and other matching stuff.
So last night, I was searching high and low for something to cover the reflex strips on my new tires:

I gotta tell you, riding around the other day sort of felt like I was riding around on like a '59 Plymouth or something.
Those "white walls" just ain't doing it for me.
Unfortunately, the stuff I was looking for isn't made anymore. The company got sold or something and they discontinued the product.
I found something similar, but I ain't spending thirty bucks just to black out my sidewalls!
So I guess it's time to bust out the Sharpie and go to work.
Maybe I'll see what it looks like with some foo-foos first:


John Romeo Alpha said...

I am doubtful that the Sharpie is going to look the way you want it to. Try Kiwi black leather shoe dye from the grocery store.

limom said...

Thanks, I was going to try that one too.
That reflecto strip is pesky stuff!
I mean it's all shiny and all.