Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hot Bubbalicious Action!

Took some stuff out of the kiln this morning, then I loaded it back up to do a bisque.
I've been turning the kiln around everyday it seems for the last week.
On a craft fair mission don't you know.
I also got me some new colors, a turquoise and a dark blue:

I'm liking that dark blue a lot, am thinking about using it for some astronomy themed mugs and such.
There was a slight problem at Mission Control as the firing was not perfect:

I don't know what the hell happened there, the last time I saw a low fire glaze all bubbalous and such was when I sent the kiln at school into reduction and ruined a kiln load of stuff.
This is a soup tureen I did in school, the glaze on the tee got all bubbalous and funky:

The lid is all off color because I had to do some repeat firings on it. The whistle on the top is in that white gold lustre.
Reduction firing is when you starve the fire in the kiln of oxygen by closing off the primary and/or secondary air sources. The flame then seeks out oxygen molecules by pulling it out of the glaze or clay body.
Well, this isn't supposed to happen in low fire electric firings. I think perhaps I set the pot too close to the heating elements and it got a little cooked. Or maybe I got a bad spot in the kiln, I'll have to keep an eye on any pots that come out of the same area.
Anyways, I'm refiring that thing at a higher temperature to see what will happen.
The pot, not the football thingy.
After I got a look at the pots that came out of the kiln, I rushed over to the store place and got me the leather dye stuff.
The stuff that dreams are made of.
Okay, not really.
It's a little darker, but not by much:

I think the problem here is that the sidewall thing is reflective, not like raised white lettering on a car tire. Anything the least bit translucent will not do the trick, so I'm looking for something really nasty and black.
Black and nasty.
I like that combination.
Well, at least I used to.
That thirty dollar tire paint stuff is starting to look good for I'm getting tired of fooling around and I only have one pair of black shoes and like three thingys of shoe polish.
I guess I could polish up my bicycle shoes too.
Okay, not really
So anyways, I think I'm sort of winding it down on the craft fair mission.
I'll do another ten stuffs today and that'll be it.
I only have another week to glaze and fire and I think I'll just be able to make it by next Saturday.
I was thinking tomorrow, I'll work on more mugs as I have some ideas to see through.
Then again I may just sit around and do nothing.
Oh wait, I got more stuffs to glaze!
Total pots Ready to Go(TPRTG), 40.

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