Saturday, November 13, 2010

Wet Paper Bag

Which is what I couldn't pedal out of today.
If you've been following along at home, you know that I haven't been on the bike lately.
Like two months.
Mainly I've been trying to get rid of this stupid cough I got and okay, I've been lazy.
Doritos on the couch lazy.
So anyways today, I continued my craft fair mission and made a bunch of stuff.
Sort of.
For some reason, I just wasn't feeling it and the stuff I made is not so good.
I struggled on the wheel.
The clay fought back.
Well, I won ten rounds and the clay won two, so I guess I came out with the decision.
I'm not even going to show you, the reader, the stuff I made for it's sort of pitiful.
Well, while I was waiting for the stuff to dry out, I decided to take a ride, a much needed ride.
Off I went on the Flat Tire X-15, expecting to burn up some pavement.
My legs were all googly like:

I also couldn't keep my heart rate under 150. Maybe some residual effects from last nights oil change.
I was like fast, then slow, fast, then slow, fast, then slow.
You get the idea.
Whatever memory my leg muscles had, they forgot.
Boy, it was rough.
After my warm up lap, I stop to get a Hawaiian energy drink(see side bar) and I check my speedo.
I'm too embarrassed to say what it read.
The bad thing is, I was gassed!
The tire situation is getting a bit dire:

You can see the tread and carcass starting to separate, probably because of the excessive speed they are subjected to.
The centrifugal force I generate must be beyond the physical limits of the tire.
On a good day, I mean.
The tears are so bad, even small rocks are getting stuck in there.
Time to order some meats.
On my mid ride pit stop, I saw this:

Actually, it's been parked at the service station for a couple of months now. I can't seem to figure out what it's for.
My guess would be chickens, the guy at the station said dogs, but no one is sure.
It's like one third the height of a regular trailer, with what appears to be an air conditioning unit parked on top.
Any guesses?
So I sort of limp back home and wouldn't you know it?
About two miles out, I start to sort of feel good!
Maybe it was the energy drink.
I get home and start to work on the stuff I left to dry.
Sometimes, after you trim off the excess clay, you can sort of save the shape of the pot.
Today it seems, even the stuff I made out of clay came out looking like a wet paper bag:


Steve A said...

The real test is the day after. If you feel no after effects, you were sick. If your legs and behind are sore, well that means you need to "get up, go ride" more.

Rat Trap Press said...

I believe that is a dog trailer. I've seen the guys from the prison system hauling their bloodhounds around in something similar. I'm sure they're not transporting just any old dogs in that thing.

John Romeo Alpha said...

Yes, dog trailer. You see them in areas with greyhound racing. I wouldn't stress about the time/distance/googly legs, since cycling is like fishing (for people who like fishing): any time spent doing it is better than the time not spent doing it, even if you don't catch anything.

That tire, though, that's pretty stressful! :)

limom said...

Dog trailer!
Well that seemed the most reasonable answer.
It's just that we don't have dog races here, and well, it would be sort of easier just to throw em in the back of the truck you're using to haul the trailer.
As for blood hounds, never seen one used in official duty.
In fact come to think about it, I've never even seen a cop dog here.
Maybe that's why it's been sitting there for a while.
I thought chickens for while illegal, cockfighting is not unknown in these parts.

Steve A., I think I was expected to just jump back on the bike and continue where I left off. I think I need to ease back in.
Or maybe damn the torpedos, full speed ahead!

Boy, I almost hit the buttom on some tires last night, but I just couldn't do it.
I mean tires are such a, uh, personal thing.