Saturday, November 6, 2010

Night Light, Winter Reading

On for just a while.
I mean it's not on all night long.
If it was, I'd wake up to a puddle of I don't know what:

Yep, another load in the kiln, slowing reaching maturing temperature. In case you, the reader, were wondering what two thousand degrees looks like:

Color is a orange-yellow.
Stoneware has a higher maturing temperature, around twenty four hundred degrees, the color then borders on really bright yellow going on white.
Burn your corneas kine color.
So anyways, I've been trying to get some reading done since I've been off the bike for a while.
To give my weary mind a rest, and to help me get through the day, I went and got this:

A couple of chapters in and I've already gained some insight into what makes these kids tick.
My experiences at work have gotten to the point where I'm not able to elaborate about it here; things have gotten sort of complicated.
A long ride would do me well, hopefully the weather cooperates tomorrow.
To take my mind off of work, someone at well, work, gave me this:

I'm no poet, and I don't really enjoy poetry, but this renshi poetry is interesting.
The poets use the last line of a previous poem to begin a new one, thus all the poems are linked. The poems in this book were written over a period of one year and it's not necessarily the poetry that's interesting, but the commentary of the writers as each one waited in anticipation for their prompt of the week.
Great insight into the writing mind.
It also comes with a CD that contains audio of the four poets reading their stuff, hopefully something to put me to sleep.
Not that I need help don't you know.
Lastly, I got a book for when I finally get back out on the road:

I actually saw this book some time ago, put in on my list, lost the list, thought about it again, but by that time it had gone out of print.
I found it again, but since it was OOP, it was like forty bucks!
Well, this reprint was a bit more affordable and contains some interesting stuff that I'm hoping to show you.
For real.
Like not from the book, but like me being there fo' real kine.
Well at least from places within riding distance.
Some of my winter reading; I should be done with that French book like sometime before next Christmas.
When I'm done with de Maupassant, I got this:

I swear, I'm real close to adding the French language to my list of evil things.
Anyways the kiln will be glowing sort of regularly now, I need to make like fifty things before next month.
I'm selling out and doing a craft fair near Flat Tire Central.
Funds for bicycle bling.
So the night time glow you see is just me, firing some stuff up.
No, it's not an invitation to knock.
I'll be busy reading.


Rat Trap Press said...

Ancient Sites of O'ahu sounds really interesting. Me and my wife are frustrated archeologists. I guess that in a place like Hawaii you could visit several sites in a day. Here in Texas it's a different story.

Just to let you know, after about a million cups of coffee, and jostling with other dishes in the sink, the handle on my mug is still going strong.

John Romeo Alpha said...

I'm looking forward to how the ancient artifacts and old ground speak to you.

10,000 cup chain mug maintenance report: handle and mug doing well, no visible signs of wear or tear. "Ceramic chain" sounds like some new kine of high-tech drive train, doesn't it? Zero percent stretch after 10,000 usage cycles!

limom said...

Living on an island, everywhere you walk is pretty much ancient grounds!
More on that later.
Glad to hear the mugs are holding up.
In fact, was about to work on two or three more of them today.
Maybe try something a bit different.