Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Early Edition

Before I go out and put my nose to the grindstone, I wanted to bring to you, the reader, a few things that have been sitting on the digital shelf.
First, here are some pics of my new meats:

Now that I'm looking at them in daylight, I can see that they are slightly shorter in profile than my old skins.
Full review to come.
This morning as I was scanning the band so to speak, Amusing Planet had an interesting post on a bicycle airbag for the head:

I don't know about the idea of riding around with something around my neck is a good idea, but the video sure is cool.
The flex on the frame is interesting to see in the endos and you can hear the engineers chuckling in the background.
Doesn't seem to help in a face plant, but then again neither does a regular helmet.
I listen to the Two Johns Podcast regularly.
Like every night.
Mostly because I can never get through the whole thing without falling asleep, so I have to keep going back to get what I missed.
That's not to say the two Johns are boring or anything, it's actually quite the opposite.
The self proclaimed bicycling elitists are witty and funny, sometimes outrageously so.
Serious cycling entertainment.
Anyways, they are into their cyclocross thing and they posted up this really cool vid:

I could watch that over and over and over and over and, well, you get the idea.
Sort of reminding me of that Spirograph thingy I had as a kid:

Finally, back in another life, in fact in another nother life, I played some guitar.
I haven't picked one up in some time, but am thinking about adding it to my list of things to re-do.
In high school, I played in the stage band and they put me on bass guitar which was sort of cool.
Anyways, in my Quest for Tires, I came across this:

Now those have got to be the coolest looking pedals I've ever seen!
The perfect edition to your Elvis bike along with the sequins and tassels.
Boy, I had to dig deep and use all my Jedi will power not to hit the buy button(BB) on those puppies!
If they came in red or yellow I'd be mounting them as we speak.
I mean er, type.
Talk about rocking down the highway!
Okay, off I go to the salt mines.
I gotta open up the kiln and see what I got.
Hopefully I can hit the road a bit later.

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John Romeo Alpha said...

I will take the full-body air bag, please.