Thursday, November 11, 2010

Conscripts and the New Recruits

Oh yeah baby!
The Flat Tire Cactus Army(FTCA) gets stronger by the day.
I went over to the plant place to get me some of those small starter pot thingys. They didn't have the plastic ones, but they had these biodegradable paper ones:

I'm sort of worried about these for I don't know how they'll hold up to heavy watering.
Not that I'm going to be watering very heavily.
Anyways, while I was there, I saw that a new batch of cactus plants had come in so I conscripted some of them to fortify my ranks:

Honestly, I don't know what's up with me and these cactus plants. I mean I see them and I just have to buy them.
Luckily, they only cost like a buck.
Luckily, I had some empty planters.
So anyways, it was time to transplant some of them neobuxbaumia polylopha since they were getting all bunched up in that little pot:

I loosened them up and ever so gently, began to take them out one by one.
I was surprised how little root growth there was:

Transferring them to the new pots were sort of a challenge for I had no idea how deep to plant them.
I didn't want to bury them too deep:

They didn't look like much all grouped together, but towards the end I sort of felt like I was cloning cactus.
Or something.

That's right Obi-Wan, my army is being assembled.
Soon, I will be ready.
If only half of them make it, I'll be happy.
We'll see how it goes.
Oh, and I got some hot pokey action on the opuntia!

You can see some small spikey thingys coming out of the one on the right.
I wonder how the leaves go from that to flat and pokey.
The change should be interesting.
So the ranks are growing.
I need to make more planters.
I also have to find someplace to put them.


Steve A said...

Hmm. Your cacti appear to be the plant life equivalent of guppies!

John Romeo Alpha said...

Ten HUT! PRE-sent, spines! Forward, harch!

limom said...

Steve A, I wish they were like guppies.
Well, maybe they're like really slow growing guppies.
JRA, maybe I should send them over to you for some cactus boot camp.