Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Final

So I got out today for a short ride on my new tires.
As soon as I got out of the driveway and down the Hill of Jack and Jill, I could tell something was different.
The rear felt a bit squirrely, like my tire was a bit low on air.
More on this later.
I gotta say first, these tires are like perfect.
Not riding perfect, but like in rolling perfect.
I mean they roll perfectly or pretty close to it.
My old tires had a slight wobble in them, even when new. I suppose it's the sort of imperfection you get with car tires that makes you have to balance them.
Well, I didn't check for balance, but my nekkid eyeball detects no perceivable wobble and that darn reflecto strip spins round and round well, roundly.
These puppies are also smooth.
Like brand new pavement smooth.
I don't know if it's the 120 TPI count, my old tires were like 30 TPI, but I can feel the difference.
Bumps don't jolt anymore, it sort of feels like you got an extra layer of, well, rubber on your tires.
The Randonneur Hypers are advertised at around 400gs, so I lost about a half pound per wheel.
I don't know if it's just the Kool Aid or what, but I can feel the surge forward when I mash on the pedals.
It sure is nice to have round tires again!
The front end though did pick up a bit of oversteer, the bike wants to sort of dive into a turn now. Not real bad, just enough for me to tell the difference.
I'm going to call the squirrels in the rear tire all about roundness.
Roundness is good.
So anyways, I cut my regular route short for I had to get home and do my craft fair mission.
We got these trees here, I don't know what kind of trees they are, but they got these golf ball sized thingys that fall into the road:

These trees line a short quarter mile stretch of bike lane on either side of the road.
I was joking when talking about road hazards here, stuff like coconuts and stuff, but these thingys are sort of like land mines to folks riding skinny road tires:

Okay, this doesn't look too bad, but those things aren't even in season yet!
Trust me, it looks like a driving range during certain times of the year.
Those thingys ain't small:

So anyways, I was working my way back towards The Flat Tire Central, when I came upon this:

Not the one I'm doing, but it reminded to hurry and get back to work.
Tomorrow I'm doing a visual inventory of what I got so far pottery wise so I'll take some pics then.
I have many miles before I sleep.
Overall, a nice short ride on my new skins.
Average speed was up, but only because them tires have a lower profile so I was cheating my computer.
I have to remember to recalibrate it.
Or not.
Oh, and just for you JRA of One Speed: Go! fame:


John Romeo Alpha said...

Thx limom! I am hopeful that by this time next year they will have perfected the full body "beach ball" cushion. While the image of a bicyclist bouncing around traffic like a beach ball at a rock concert is a bit disconcerting, it is better than the alternative.

limom said...

Ah yes, the Mars Lander Kevlar/Lycra Impact Suit(MLKLIS).
Trickle down NASA technology.