Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Eleventh Hour

Is now upon me.
It is time for me to decide.
No longer can I compare, ponder, front pedal, back pedal, decide, and waffle.
I have thought so long and hard about this, my brain quivers like lime Jello.
Or maybe celeste Jello.
If there is such a thing.
Ten or eleven, that is the question.
Maybe I should just go 105.
Okay, let's not get carried away.
One speed more than everyone else
Hella expensive
Cassette hella expensive
Hella expensive
Really, the thing that's mostly stopping me from making the one up jump, is the carbon.
Not really into it.
Don't really match the bike.
I much prefer the classic shiny alloy look.
I mean seriously it's like Campagnolo for Pete's sake and why don't you just leave the carbon stuff to folks like SRAM?
Campagnolo 11 is only available with carbon cranks and I just can't picture carbon cranks on the Celeste Devil.
Even the chain rings are black.
Black and nasty.
Now if I had a BAN bike there wouldn't even be a discussion.
Since I don't, have a BAN bike, there are things to discuss.
I mean you gotta have that alloy bling on a Celeste Bianchi, right?
That newfangled carbonized stuff just don't match, do it?
Boy Mr. Flat Tire, just hit the Buy It Now thingy and get it over with!
Okay, okay, this is getting really stupid.
Seriously, I should just rock and roll it and forever hold my peace.
That never happens though.
If you know what I mean.
There's always the ifs, ands, buts, and the other things.
It's the other things I dislike the most.
Oh, the ifs sort of suck too.
The thing about going eleven is that I'll never want for another group set ever.
Well, until they make like twelve.
Or some kind of constant velocity thingy.
Now that would be coolness city!
Campagnolo Infinity!
Not to worry for you got like a GAGILLION gear combinations at your fingertips.
Okay, maybe not your fingertips.
Maybe I will go eleven.
I mean even if I step into some fantabulous frame next year, I can still use the group. The group sort of being an important(read expensive) part of a build.
Or maybe I just go ten and wait for Infinity to come out.
Which should be like two days after I get the eleven.
That's how that sort of thing works.
At least around these parts.
Or maybe I should just save up for a frame made by Pandoran artisans using cold drawn quadruple butted fully lugged and brazed Unobtainium.
By then I could get custom made legs designed to spin like a thousand RPMs and go single speed!
Women and children, get outta my way!
Folding bikes?
No problemo!
Lemme wake up.
Sorry, I was day dreaming again.
About that damn group set!
Okay sports fans, it's time to decide.
Go all in and let it ride.
All or nothing.
Time to throw that Hail Mary.
Sydney or the Bush!
Or something.
Campagnolo Infinity.
I like the sound of that.
Then again, I'm sorta liking the sound of SRAM too.
Okay, not really.
About the SRAM I mean.


Steve A said...

Why are you messing around with this old-fashioned 11 speed stuff? Even for Campy, electrical is just past the next switch throw. Get alloy and you can revel in being old school. And you'll have less batteries to worry about.

limom said...

I've read rumors about iCampy and iSRAM. Not sure I like the idea of electronics on a bicycle.
I just can't get past the marbled looking pattern on the Chorus/Record cranks.
Me being me, it'll make me want to keep cleaning them.
The carbon on the rest of the stuff is sort of growing on me.
Sort of.
Stay tuned.

John Romeo Alpha said...

Possibly in that Hawaiian light, down by the ocean, those cranks will look just right next to the Celeste. You'll never know unless you try..then one day someone will ride by with that combination, and you may feel pangs. I hate those pang thingies.

limom said...

I have tried to imagine, and I can imagine pretty good, but I just can't wrap my head around them.
No love.
There still remains the possibility of an older Chorus/Record grou