Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Early Edition

The other day, I was on my lunch when up in the sky!
Is it a bird?
Is it a plane?
No, just some clouds.
White really puffy clouds.
I mean really really puffy:

I was switching between black and white and color, but the clouds were changing so fast I missed some nice formations.
There were darkish rain clouds just below, and these thick white clouds were like erupting above them:

It was odd, in a cloud sort of way.
I mean these clouds looked like boiling marsh mellows.
Or something.
The camera isn't able to catch what I saw, my glasses are high contrast and polarized, but maybe you get the idea.

I see clouds all the time, but these were crazy Mr. Stay Puffed clouds.
All thick and cotton ball looking.
I'm not usually impressed by white puffiness in the sky, but these white puffiness thingys were well, impressive!

I don't know what these fast moving billowing things were called, but they sure put on a nice show.
Made my lunch a bit more interesting.
To steal and to paraphrase:
Get out, look up!


Anonymous said...

Clouds are great!

Big Oak said...

You fooled me in the first photo - I spent a couple minutes looking for a bird or a plane!

Those clouds are cool. We get clouds like that in summer here.

limom said...

Boy those clouds were a huffing and a puffing away!
Made me wish I had my other camera.
Pics don't do them justice.