Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Early Edition

So the other day, I was out crushing the souls of women and children, when the inconceivable happened.
My earphone thingy stopped working!
The world as I knew it came to a sudden stop as all I could hear was the wind blowing through my helmet straps at like a hundred miles an hour.
Silence is deafening.
Or something.
Now I do not recommend riding around with both ears getting blasted by Devo or Pearl Jam; it's just not safe.
I run around with one ear getting blasted by Devo and Pearl Jam:

I found this company called Scan Sound that sells these stereo to mono right ear clip on thingys.
I like them for you don't lose out on the left channel when riding around with my right ear getting blasted by Devo or Pearl Jam.
The thing is, the plug part is a bit fragile, not designed to be tugged and pulled on when riding around at supersonic speeds.
After some time, they fail, the wire inside does something goofy and the right ear thingy goes silent.
So I keep buying and replacing them.
Anyways, I got to thinking, how can I, a college graduate, prevent this from happening again?
Out comes the tool box with all the electrical stuff in it and viola!

The Incredible Shrinkness of Tubing!
I put a small loop at the end of the connector so that the area where the wire enters does not take direct stress, then I heat shrink the whole thing together:

I also add a small half hitch to the thing just to make sure.
This should save me like fifteen bucks, the cost of replacing the ear thingy every three months.
Back to Devo and Pearl Jam!
Now for the CFA part.
It is time.
Time to do The Show thingy.
If you've been following along at home, you, the reader, remember The Show.
If you haven't been following along at home, you can find out about it here.
Okay, not really.
That link only takes you to the good part, not the part(s) that led up to the good part which is about to start all over again.
The part that led up to the good part I mean.
The Call For Artists(CFA) is on for the Artists of Hawaii juried exhibition. If any of you out there are interested, you can find out about it here.
Anyways, this is the big one, THE show, if you will, the one at the Academy of Arts, the only art museum we got here.
Standing room only on opening night!
Free booze and food!
Bragging rights!
I've only been in that show once, so it'll be a real Flat Tire Challenge(FTC) to get back into the limelight.
I have a few more UFT ideas and maybe some thing else up my sleeveless jersey, but I only have a month or so to work things out.
Deadline for entry is April first.
We'll see how that goes.
Stay tuned.


Steve A said...

This will be the subject of a future "myth" post. In the meantime, go read

and read what he has to say about an earphone in one ear versus two. Before you joyously go endorse earphones, their real danger depends on the degree of distraction, and that it might be more difficult to get fully compensation in the event of a crash to which your earphones did not contribute.

limom said...

Now Steve A., I neither endorse nor recommend the use of earphones while riding.
I state that at the top of the post.
I use one in one ear, so I find it difficult to pass judgement on those to who do.
Use two earphones, I mean.
This sort of makes me feel a bit hypocritical as generally I think that those who do ride around with two ear blasters are in danger, as much a person driving a car with two ear blasters.
This earphone thing is great post fodder and I look forward to your thoughts.

Steve A said...

For a bit of interim amusement, you might want to visit:

I found it interesting to learn that in Holland, where bike crash rates are far lower than the US, almost everyone wears earphones and many motorcycle groups recommend using ear plugs.

limom said...

I used to do my afternoon ride listening to the sports radio show, but I discovered that I don't listen well enough to remember anything they talked about.
For me, it's just something better than the howling wind.
The only time I really pay attention to what I'm listening to is when I'm stopped.
Or maybe when Devo or Pearl Jam comes on.
Sort of the same when I used to ride a Honda twin.

limom said...

Actually, I listened to a baseball game today.
We lost.