Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Final

The Cactus Army was attacked again by something or somethings sometime yesterday.
A couple of them small pots were overturned and the little pokey sprouts were MIA.
Taken! in the still of night.
I think.
The enemy is inside the wire!

The one that hurt the most is the opuntia.
It was doing so well, on it's cactus way to growing flat and all pokey like.
Whatever attacked it, didn't even bother to eat it!
Boy, that stings.
That makes five of the neobuxbaumia that got eaten or abducted:

Maybe it's aliens.
Looking for signs of life.
Or something.
I think I need to string up some tin cans, or put up some trip wires.
Or maybe some punji sticks!
The remaining echinocereus sciurus was also missing in action.
The ultimate sacrifice.
Taps at dusk.
I'll make another order from the cactus place and start all over again.
I did some thinking about this though, about survival of the fittest and evolution and all that stuff. It's sort of interesting to see first hand why cactus probably got all pokey in the first place.
I mean imagine being in a dry desolate place, with all sorts of critters competing for whatever tasty or untasty morsels can be found, about the only thing a plant can do is to grow some pokeys.
For protection.
Pokeys = growth.
No pokeys = critter fodder.
This is Natural Selection: Live!
Anyways, this all made me sad today, discovering the massacre after I came back from my ride.
To top it all off, I found this:

A humungasoidal cut in my rear tire.
Attacked by sharp slicey thingys laying in waiting for unsuspecting cyclists like me.
Boy, and I only got like 515 miles on them treads.
Actually for only 515 miles, the rear kinda looks sorta flat in the middle. The front looks okay, but the rear looks more like I put a couple thousand miles on it.
I'm telling you, I blow some hard earned cash on my bicycles, but I have the hardest time parting with my money when it comes to tires.
I mean I can't see spending a lot on something that's going to wear out anyway.
Then again there's the whole thing with long life compounds and puncture protection that you have to consider.
Then if you are slow, I mean fast like me, there's the rolling resistance and of course tread life stuff to think about.
Seems like the ones that do everything well also cost a pretty penny.
Or more.
Like car tire price range.
Sometimes I think that it might be better to get a whole bunch of cheap tires instead of one humungasoidaly expensive one.
Sure seems like they got you coming and going.
Well, I guess you need tires if you want to keep coming and going.
Quest for Tires begins!
This time, I'm gonna need em pretty darn quick(PDQ).

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