Saturday, February 26, 2011

First Ride

I like it.
I finished up in time to get a shortish ride, just some miles to test stuff out.
The shifting feels better, crispy like a potato chip.
The shifters feel better, more like Shimano how they point upwards in the front.
The levers are great, they got this double curve where you can set your fingers when you're on the hoods:

I followed some kids through the park for a bit, shifting through all the gears.
The guy in the front, with the cooler, has a couple of spears on his surf rack.
Headed out to do some diving.:

I set up the bike so quickly, I forgot to adjust the brakes.
The rear was kinda rubbing all the way, overall they feel like they have a bit more power:

That could also be from the extra leverage I'm getting from the well, levers.
There is a small problem with the cranks though. When in the big ring and small cog, I get some rubbing on the pins.
Maybe the chain line is a bit off?
Boy, maybe I need to take the protective plastic stuff off:

The biggest surprise is the tires.
I got me some Schwalbe Ultremo DDs, in 23c.
I thought maybe the ride would be harsher, but instead it felt smoother.
Placebo maybe but rolling resistance felt better, not as crunchy when going over patches of gravel.
I'll see tomorrow when I can give them a more thourough shake down.
Tom over at GVH Bikes emailed me back and is sending a cable kit next week.
Great guy that Tom.
Overall, I'm pretty stoked!
Was it worth it?
More on that later.

I'm rushing this off cause I need to get out of here and head off to dinner with the family.
There are some small little quirky things I need to take care of, I'll do that when I get back tonight.
What do you think of the bar tape?


Apertome said...

The bike looks beautiful, and it sounds like it rides great, too. I think the bar tape looks great, it looks like a perfect match for the frame color, in the photos anyway.

limom said...

The tape is a real close match and it's sort of growing on me.
I used it mainly cause I had it and the black tape was getting messed up after rewrapping like five times.