Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Frame Game

Where did it start?
Where will it end?
On my front door step, that's where.
Or maybe not.
I've been looking at a lot of frames.
What I've found sort of goes back to a post I made here.
What I've found is that once you got a bike, a bike you're happy with, it's hard to imagine yourself on any other.
Bicycle I mean.
I've never been married, but I suppose it's sort of the same thing.
I mean you can search and search, and try different frames out, but once you find the right one, well, it's the right one.
Oh sure, it's nice to go by the LBS every once in a while and window shop; you know, take a long hard look, maybe imagine a bit, but in the end, it's back to the tried and true.
Now it may take some time to find the right frame for you, or sometimes maybe you just walk into it.
However you find it, when you find it, you just sort of know it.
Know what I mean?
Well, I think I've found a frame that'll last me a bit.
I figured this out all by myself for after spending years and countless hours of back breaking searching for something else, the frame for me is sitting right in front of me.
Sort of like that Pina Colada song:

Okay, that was a stretch, but you get my drift.
This is not to say there are frames out there that I don't want to ride.
Oh no, there are!
Many many frames appeal to me, all sleek and shiny and new and unridden like. Seat unsat upon, pedals never installed, never ridden by another.
Oh no, I think about those frames all the time, maybe too much!
Whimsical flights of fancy they are, something to dream about while looking out at the open road.
Never to replace, just to well, take out for a ride.
Back at home, is the tried and true, the ever ready ever steady.
I suppose it's only natural to want to try something different.
Variety is the spice of life.
I guess.
Still, there's nothing wrong with not wanting something different.
There's something about a one frame man, a man who's loyalty and integrity can never be questioned.
Especially in this day of carbonization and pop top frames, a one frame man is sort of hard to come by.
A dying breed, if you will.
In this I want, I need world, one may feel it's a necessity to have more than one frame.
I am entitled to have more than one!
Does that make you any happier?
Will it make you go out and ride more?
Perhaps, but how long will that new car smell last?
How long before it is cast off, put on CL like all those other frames you used up and tired of?
What does make you?
A framenizer!
Oh I've been tempted by devils in red dresses:

Resist I did.
For now I think I'll just buy my old frame a new group set and take it out for a long ride.
I'll be happy with what I got.
Sort of.

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