Saturday, February 26, 2011


Okay, I lied.
About last night.
Boy, where have I heard that before!
Anyways, it seems that once I started taking stuff off, I couldn't help but start to put stuff on.
I was blinded by the Extraordinary Shineyness of Blingness(ESB).
I started at the shifters:

They sort of look the same from that angle, but trust me, they are make the old shifters look like midgets:

I guess this is a good thing, for it will be easier to reach the carbon goodness from the drops.
Not like I'm ever in the drops.
The shifters tighten down with some Torx heads, hence my purchase of the Torx tool.
A bit sketchy, I've heard stories of them getting stripped.
I'll be careful when I tighten them up.
Cable routing is a bit different but nothing unusual.
The rear derailleur cage is just a tad longer:

Can't quite come up with a plausible explanation for that.
Carbon goodness:

I ran into trouble with the bottom bracket. It didn't want to leave it's home.
So, I had to bust out The Flat Tire Bottom Bracket Tool and some Liquid Wrench:

I finally got that off this morning.
The cranks have that Hirth like joint in the middle and the bearings are pressed onto the axles:

A marriage made in Italian heaven:

The brakes, oh boy! those brakes!
Really something to look at.
The rear though is single pivot:

I believe Campagnolo did that to save weight since rear stopping power isn't as much of a concern compared to the front.
Still, the fact that they don't' match, you know, sort of bothers me.
I'll have some time to think about it, for as of right now, work on the Great Celeste Devil Makeover has ceased.
I'm stuck.
The derailleur cables are like an inch or two short:

Now I wish I had gotten the new cable set.
Normally I'd be contemplating breaking into local LBS to get some new cables, but there's a bicycle swap meet of sorts in town, so I'll take a trip to get the cables and check that out later.
For now, I'm just sitting here watching Law & Order, thinking about them new tires.
The new tires are also stuck.
Actually, only the rear.
I was able to get the front one on, but the rear is being stubborn.
So stubborn that I was thinking of busting out The Flat Tire Bottom Bracket Tool for some inspiration.
My thumbs feel like they've been run over by some well, bicycle tires.
Fortunately, my injuries will not prevent my journey over the mountain on my Quest for Cables.
Stay tuned.


Steve A said...

"A thing of beauty is a joy forever."
-Mary Poppins

She wasn't actually talking about Campagnolo components, but she might have been.

limom said...

For me, going with Campagnolo was sort like making a dream come true.
Sort of.