Friday, June 1, 2012

A Litte Lumber

So, I was riding around last night, my Planet Bike Super Flash going full well, flash, but it was sitting behind my rack sort of under my seat bag.
Not very good for visibility.
What to do?
I was sort of rushed yesterday to get out and mount the light so I just used the seat post mount thingy and it seemed good enough.
Not good enough if I plan on riding after dark.
I mean if I want to ride at night, I need to mount that flashy thingy where it can do it's thing.
So this morning I went into the box o'crap to see what I could find.
Seems all I had were the round seat post type mounts and the light/reflector mount on the rack is not round:

I could have taken the light apart and bolted the back end of the light assembly to the mount.
Or, I could have drilled the mounting thingy so that I could bolt that thing to the other thing:

That didn't work to well for I couldn't countersink the bolt head and the bolt head prevented the light assembly from sliding back onto the bracket thingy.
Still following along at home?
So I got to thinking, no matter how dangerous that may be sometimes some good things happen too.
When I think I mean.
Well I went out into the gara- uh, studio and got me a one inch wooden dowel which I cut in half then cut off the end:

See where I'm going with this?
Then I got the seat post mount and measured it up:

There was a bit of play so I had to use the rubber spacer thingy to take up some space.
Then I just split the dowel and slid the whole thing on the rack mount thingy and voila!

I was thinking of bolting the dowel parts to the mount, you know, so that I don't lose the whole thing on a bump, but I'm pretty lazy so I'll just leave it for now.
I think the pressure from the clamp should hold it in place.
Ain't it great what a little lumber can do?
I'll probably paint the wood parts black or whatever color I got handy.
If I can ever pry myself off the couch.
Now I just have to figure something out for the front seeing as how I got that Goofy Cool Pancake bag up there.
More on that later.


Steve A said...

I mount mine to the rack stay. My reflector goes where your light went and my second light goes on the bag. We "basic black" types get seen by different means.

limom said...

I looked at the rack stay too, but it was too skinny.

I got some 3m reflecto tape I'm thinking of using.
With descretion of course.