Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I admit it.
I ain't gonna lie no more.
Influenced by Madison Avenue types and glossy full page adds and claims of weight and promises of newest and bestest and mostly fueled by my very own overly large ego I purchase my bicycles because of what's on the down tube.
I can't get enough.
The more the better to scream out at everyone who bothers to look.
I suppose I've been in denial.
Let's face it though, besides looking at top tube specifications and head tube lengths and stand overs it came down to aesthetics.
The message.
It all came to me this morning when I was thinking(there I go again!) about why I need a hand built frame.
I mean I suppose I can pretty much fit any bicycle, any bicycle in my size, so why go custom?
Why even consider it?
Ride quality?
I suppose that factors in, but I have two bicycles that ride pretty well now. 
I mean at least now I can sort of tell the differences, although subtle, but there are differences in frames.
Tell you the truth I don't even think about that now, which I suppose is because of the frames I have.
Still, I can jump on the ole Rockhopper or Bike With the Funny Name(BWTFN) and pedal on without even thinking about anything other than where I'm going.
Which brings me to the ole Rockhopper and BWTFN.
Billboards too.
A custom frame would just be a glorified billboard.
Sort of.
Okay, as a hawker of things handbuilt, I shouldn't be saying this.
It's true though.
I should be happy on any ole bicycle, any ole POS with two wheels with a chain and pedals that turn long enough to take me from point A to B.
After all, it's all about getting there.
Sadly no.
For me, it's all about what you use to get there.
Does it sparkle and shine?
Is it the lastest greatest?
More important, how does it compare to yours?
Oh yeah.
Kool Aid all the way.
The thing is, I'm not quite sure i'm ashamed to admit it.
I should be.
It sort of detracts from the heaven sent, zen purist thing that bicycling is.
A disruption in the Force, if you will.
Maybe I need to light some incense, say some Hail Marys, or shut down my eVilness account.
Or something.
I'm so ashamed.
Okay, not really.
Yeah, so I ride a billboard.
Still, it's a pretty nice billboard:

Wait for it.
Image is everything.
I think.

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