Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Bowl a Day...

I just needed a goal.
After realizing yesterday the root of my bicycle addictions and cravings, I was able to build an economic bridge between making bowls and bicycle blingness.
So I toil on.
Only now I have a porpoise.
Make that a purpose.
I wish I had a porpoise but realistically, I don't know where I'd put it.
Anyways, I finally cleaned up a bit:

Take a good look cause that's the last time you, the reader, are going to see it that clean.
Now that I'm on a porpoise.
I mean purpose.
Make that a mission.
I'm on a mission I mean.
Planter thingys:

I'm starting to add little feet thingys on the bottom, just to raise them up a bit, you know, to let the water drain.
They take a little longer to do but I think they look nice.
Nicer, I mean.
After thinking about it, I got a lot o'these small size planter thingys and I really need some medium size planter thingys for the cactus that have gotten too big for the small size planter thingys.
I also need on large size planter thingy for that palm tree I got.

Wow Mr. Flat. 
You got like six bowls.
Six bowls now, but just you wait.
I leave them alone in a corner and you blink your eyeball and suddenly you got like ten or twenty!
Like rabbits I tell you!
Trimming them bowls and things takes about as much time as it does to make them so after I was done I was sort of pooped.
More on my poopedness later.
Not that kind of poopedness, the fatigued kine poopedness.
Anyways, I was thinking of going out for a ride later so I was trying to conserve some awesomeness.
Instead I decided to finally fix that broken spoke I got last week.
Since I had that wheel all apart I wanted to see what I could to about the grimy hubs:

They have that baked on grease look which tells me maybe the grease leaked and I should take a look at them bearings soon.
Anyways, I sprayed some Simple Green on it and attacked it with a tooth brush.
I have a brass wire brush somewhere around these parts but I was too lazy to look for it.
Anemic don't you know.

Now doesn't that look better?
I thought about taking some Mother's to them, but unfortunately/fortunately I ran out.
Today I'm feeling back to normal and it's time to get the ole wheel a turning and a bowl a making!
Off I go!
Boy, I sort of feel like one of the Seven Dwarfs.
If you know what I mean.

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