Tuesday, June 19, 2012

In My Dreams

Lemme tell you, I can dream big!
I mean mostly I dream of some pretty wild stuff like robbing banks and having shoot outs and stuff but that's only when I'm unconcious.
I dream when I'm concious too, sort of like day dreaming except with a purpose.
First of all, I'm just about all done with the little fish, the community folks.
Now I'm after the big fish, the corporate types that make their money off of us little fish.
The thing is, most corporate types, they don't want to be involved with no little fish events, and well to tell you the truth we are.
A little fish event I mean.
Except in my dreams.
In my dreams we are the biggest open streets event the world has ever seen!
Okay, not really.
I mean we are on an island and even if we closed every road here we wouldn't be the biggest.
Well maybe.
In my dreams we are and that's what counts.
If you know what I mean.
So anyways, to get the big fish, it has come to my attention that we need some bigger bait.
Meaning asking for funding for one little event ain't gonna get no bites so we need to think big!
Immensely large.
Actually, I'm just thinking of where we are going to Hele On! next.
Which is turning into a difficult proposition as coming up with a good event site ain't exactly easy.
The streets around these parts weren't exactly planned out.
In fact if you've ever been here you'd know that the streets seem randomly designed and most of them are, built over former trails and dirt lanes.
In reality there is no such thing as a city block, not as other cities know it.
Therefore, the chosing of the next event site is like drilling for oil: you guess is as good as mine.
Sort of.
Some of the open streets events over on the Continent involve city parks and that's what I think we should shoot for next.
Bringing the people to the park via a street closure seems like the way to go.
Especially for Honolulu.
So I've got a plan.
Well I always have a plan, sort of, but this time I've got a really good plan.
As opposed to a really bad plan, which occasionally rears it's ugly head.
This plan involves the downtown area and our waterfront park and possibly one of the most heavily used parks on the island.

We'll see what I can get away with.
Or better yet, what the City will allow me to get away with.
Seeing as how this open streets stuff is sort of new.
To everybody.
More on this later.
The key here is the event we're working on and how successful it is.
I mean IF we draw, hopefully draw more people than our space can handle, then we will have a proven event with a proven model.
Don't get wrong, I realize that it's a big IF.
I'm not holding my breath or anything.
Still, if IF happens then maybe the next Hele On! will the one of my dreams.
68 days and counting.
Oh boy.


Trevor said...

When planning anything you have to 'dream big'.
If you dream big and then have to settle for something a bit smaller...chances are it will still be bigger than if you hadn't dream't big...if you follow my drift..!!


Steve A said...

While you are dreaming, take a deep breath and remember to smile.

limom said...

Trevor, I can dream big.
Maybe too big.

Steve A, I'll smile when this is all over.
Oh wait.
Then we have to plan for the next one.