Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday Early Edition

Happy Father's Day!
To all the fathers out there anyways.
To the rest of you well, have a happy day too.
Today is also committee meeting day, a day when we go over what we're doing and where we're going.
Like we have a plan.
I got some good news the other day when I got a call from a radio station person who said they were very interested in getting involved with out event.
We got radio!
That's one thing we won't have to worry about.
I'd still like to get one other radio station onboard, the one with a younger demographic, you know, to reach a younger demographic.
We're got some grant money coming in from the city, but it's nowhere near close to covering what I've budgeted.
Which in case you're wondering, stands at about $18,000.
We didn't think it would end up being so much, but it was what we were told similar events cost.
The little things add up don't you know.
The most difficult thing about all this is keeping it all together.
Keeping an eyeball on everything happening, making sure we're not missing anything important.
We are 70 days out and counting and although it may seem like a long time, I know event day is going to come up faster than we think.
I think I need to start setting some projected deadlines, just that we know where we stand by a certain date.
The group also has to start thinking about where the next event is going to be held.
The whole idea about this is to have the event move from community to community and while we are putting this one together we should also be thinking about the next location.
Anyways, this week I go out into Flat Tire Land and get to see what community reaction is.  I'm hitting up merchants outside of the event sphere and this is where the money is.
I mean I hope that's where the money is.
So here's our updated banner:

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Or you can get the real scoop here.
Sort of.

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