Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Early Edition

Vacation is over.
Well actually it never really started with all this stuff going on.
Now though, it's really time to get to work!
I've been putting it off long enough and now another deadline looms.
One month from now I'll be back at the Haleiwa Arts Festival hawking my wares.
Which might be interesting considering I have no wares to hawk.
After last year, I gave a lot of stuff away as gifts, you know, just to get rid of it.
I don't think I've made a single thing so far this year, so I'll be working on the Flat Tire 2012 Collection(FT2012C).
I sort of got started this morning:

Oh yeah!
I finally took the clay out of the box!
Hey! one step closer is one step closer.
If you know what I mean.
Well I'm gonna have to go Super Sonic cause I got like one month to punch out as many stuffs as I can.
Actually the making part is easy.
I mean I could sit down and make like twenty bowls today.
The hard part is the firing and the glazing and the firing again.
Mostly it's the glazing part.
This year though, I have a plan.
Sort of.
More on that later.
So now I have to clean up the rest of the gara- uh studio:

I don't know what's up with my water bucket.
It was like full of water.
Last November.
Actually I'm surprised there was any water left in it at all.
If you can call that water.
Then I got to unbury my wheel:

I think that's the bubble wrap my frame came in.
I'm keeping it.
For something.
All that clay on the working space is from last year too.
I'm keeping it.
For something.
Anyways, I better get going.
Bowls, bowls, bowls.
Bowls = bicycle bling.
At least around these parts.
If you know what I mean.


Trevor said...

I'm sure that you will get this all done at super sonic speed....I mean your used to going super sonic on the bike..!!


John Romeo Alpha said...

Does the lip of the bowl develop a shockwave as it travels at supersonic speeds? Does clay fly everywhere when the sonic boom releases?

limom said...

Trevor, I'm going to need all the Super Sonic I can get.
I've put this off for way too long.

JRA, I use a Super Ceramic Harmonic Frequency Vibration Attenuator(SCHFVA).
The Flat Tire Skunkworks don't you know.