Monday, June 11, 2012


Now don't you wish you lived in Flat Tire Land?
No really, it was a holiday today.
Officially Kamehemeha Day.
You know, in honor of the dude that united the islands, way back in the olden days.
Anyways, I decided to go and take a short ride, just to stretch the legs and see what was happening.
So off I went!
I decided today was a beach day:

You can see the beach erosion here, I swear there used to be at least another fifty feet of sand there.
The State is working on some kind of plan to deter all the erosion as it isn't just here, but an island wide problem.
In fact they just finished widening Waikiki with a beach restoration thingy.
Some water walkers and some folks watching in awe:

About a mile down the road is Kalama Beach.  There's both a public facility and a private beach club there.  The public park is really small so you gotta get here early.
Especially on a day like this.
Some junior lifeguards were out doing their thing:

Looking back at where I came from, literally where the white of the sand ends:

To where I'm going, again approximately where the beach ends:

Looking out at the Mokulua islands:

Then disaster struck!
No cream soday at my regular watering hole!
I was devastated!
Okay, not really.
I had a Jones Strawberry Lime instead.
Then disaster struck:

Must have been because of the soda.
I had to head on back to Flat Tire Central anyways.
The road ahead:

Pit stop:

Well at least I have something to do tomorrow besides my Plan of the Summer(POTS).
I was thinking maybe I should just rebuild the wheel since the spokes seem to be breaking like one at a time and it would be interesting to lace my own wheel up.
Lemme tell you, I was thinking today how much I miss the beach, you know, just kicking it along with my favorite cold beverage.
Well there's still time.
Summer ain't over yet.


Trevor said...

Summer doesn't seem to have even started yet over here....!!


limom said...

I know summer is here when I start to forget what day it is.

Chandra said...

I hope you were paying attention to the speed limit - only 25 MPH :)

Paz :)