Friday, June 8, 2012

Making Progress

Sort of.
I mean we are 79 days out, 79 days to put this show literally on the road.
So far, we've only secured the use of the street and one satellite facility which puts our ride plans in jeapordy.
I mean what's a bicycle thingy without some riding?
The City parks haven't been too much help as they discourage, no, prohibit riding on any of their treated surfaces like basketball courts.
Which is where we wanted to put on some safety thingys and other activities.
So we've gone from one alternative to another and we're still up in the air on exactly what and where things will take place.
Don't ge me wrong, the parks folks have been more than helpful and are willing to work with us, there's just some things they just won't do.
Three of the schools we approached and asked for use permits turned us down.  A lot of schools here are used on weekends by church groups and the facilities are already reserved.
I think.
There is still the question of why we weren't allowed to use the playground areas. I guess the schools just weren't interested.
I gotta say, that really bummed me out.
I mean here we are, trying to get kids out of the house, away from their computer games and the television and the schools can't even throw us a bone.
At least one elementary school had some vision and welcomed us with open arms!
So now at least we are getting some other folks on board like the local hospitals and the Department of Health.
After months of hearing maybe this maybe that, it sure is refreshing to get some positive commitments!
I swear, putting this thing together is a whole bunch of ups and downs and not much in between.  You would think it all evens out but lemme tell you, it's like going up hills sometimes.
I mean you go so hard uphill until something is ready to explode and the ride down is more like a recovery than a reward.
If you catch my drift.
Still, we're getting there.
Even if we have to use the granny gear.
Here's a new banner image I put together for our Facebook page:

Oh yeah!
We're making progress.
I think.

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