Monday, June 25, 2012

Late Late Edition/Normal Edition

Hey Mr. Flat! What happened to the Sunday Final?
Well I apologize.
The presses stopped running.
Cause I was sleeping.
Sort of.
So this is a combined Sunday Final/Normal Monday post, twice as long and twice as good.
Okay, not really.
It's only twice as long.
So anyways, yesterday I started cleaning up the gara-uh, studio and came in for some lunch which actually turned out to be Hawaiian Sleeping Pills.
That was end of yesterday.
So today I got up all bright eyeballed and bushy tailed and got to work.
My mission?
To turn this:

Into this:

Well okay, there are a couple of steps in between.
Well okay, there are a lot o'steps in between and a lot o'luck.
Make that a lot o'bowls.
So first I did some warm ups:

I needed some Cactus Army planter thingys and they are easy to make.
Actually I need like a dozen of them or so, but I'll work on them later.
For now I'm just a Bowl Making Machine(BMM)!
Lemme tell you I was going so fast I broke my chair thingy:

Things were a whirring and creaking and turning and a flying and I swear I thought I smelled something smoking then suddenly, with a thunderous crack, and plop, plop fizz fizz, my stool went a flying across the gara-uh, studio!
Luckily I recovered cause the wheel was a spinning at like Super Sonic speeds and I was able to hit the emergency shut off button.
No lives were lost.
Before all that happened, I did manage make these:

Boy, bowl making this time around is a lot easier than the last time.
Sort of.
Maybe I'm just getting the hang of it again.
Bowls, if you've have been following along at home, are like hardest things to make.
At least for me.
Okay, not really.
One bowl takes me less than five minutes.
A Perfect Bowl(PB) is the hardest thing to make.
One doesn't really pay attention to the outside, but that inside curve needs a lot o'attention.
Tell you the truth, maybe one bowl out of ten comes out the way I want it to, but hopefully the more I make, the better I get.
Right now I'm just sort of free styling them bowls; not realy paying attention to size and shape.
I'll work on some sets later.
You know, once I get back my Jedi Skilz.
So I did six bowls and four planter thingys and used up this much clay:

I think I'm a gonna be needed a bit more.
Clay that is.
I'm also going to fire up the Big Kiln:

The kiln I've been using is on the right.
The Big Kiln has about nine cubic feet of space inside so I'll be able to fire more stuffs at the same time.
This should bring production up to Super Sonic speeds!
Cause I'll need to make like a GAGILLION bowls if I ever hope to see some Italian made carbon goodness.
If you know what I mean.
Meanwhile, I need to work on the Big Kiln a bit to get it ready to rock n roll.
More on that later.


John Romeo Alpha said...

Wizardry! Clay into carbon fiber! Alchemy!

limom said...

It's all in the wrist.