Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday Stuff

Lemme tell you.
I'm sad.
More on this later.
First, I finished up mounting that Cool Cooler thingy on the back of the Rockhopper:

There it is, all kitted out and ready for the cream soda and cheese roll run.
Which I did yesterday.
I also got me a cheese bagel, but I don't have evidence cause I ate it.
It was pretty good.
The Cool Cooler thingy sits just even with the seat which makes mounting the bicycle a little different as I got to do the leg lift thing to clear the bag.
I get on the bicycle from the left side so it requires me to sort of lean the bicycle a bit before getting on.
Which got me thinking, you know, about folks who can get on their bicycles by getting on the pedal and swinging a leg over to get going.
I've never practiced that move and I suppose my mounting procedure has something to do with the way I used to get on my motorcycle.
Back when I had a motorcycle, in another life.
Anyways, I went down to that big box food place(BBFP) that recently opened here, the manager there had asked me to look at making some custom sign holders for their produce thingys.
I had only been to that BBFP one time before, seeing as how I had sworn off shopping there, and that time only to take a look around.
Seems to me there is more square footage devoted to prepared food than regular food, and there's a bunch of space to sit around and consume rather than shop.
Well I broke my word today since as I was waiting around, I bought an apple and guess what? a cream soda:

The apple was so-so as far as apples go but the cream soda was pretty good.
I'd have to do a side by side to confirm, but I still think I like the Waialua Soda Works cream soda better.
It's a bit lighter, not too sweet, and there's something else in it, like maybe ginger or something that I like.
Blind test coming up.
Okay, not really.
Not blind I mean.
The Hele On Kailua thing is moving ahead even though we got denied another use permit by another school.
This month I think will be make or break for us as far as the final street plans go and securing funding.
I'm sort of bummed but if you've been following along at home you, the reader, know that I always have a contingency plan, a plan B if you will.
Meanwhile, seeing as how I'm all hooked on Netflix, I got into MI-5, which is a cool series from the BBC.
That's British Broadcasting for you Yanks.
It's about yes, you guessed it! MI-5, the British intelligence service.
I have a hard time following it sometimes even though they supposedly are talking in English.
Then again it's the Queens's English, so I guess it's a bit different.
Another BBC program you need to check out is Sherlock, which is an updated version of Sherlock Holmes since this Sherlock lives in the modern era.
Very cool.
Both are Flat Tire Approved, you know, for your couch potato experience.
Finally, I got a letter today from my prospective employer:

That pretty much says it all.
On the other hand, it's not like I don't have a job and I'm not exactly going backwards or anything.
Getting offered that position would have been nice though.
Actually at this point in time, getting offerend any teaching position would be nice.
If you know what I mean.
Anyways, even though I'm a bit sad, I do have a full bag of potato chips and some cheese rolls and I'm only through season 3 of MI-5 so I guess there's something to be happy about.
I think I need me another cream soda.


ZielonaMila said...

Fantastic story, I like bicycle stories. I am greeting

Trevor said...

A man with a bag full of potato chips and some cheese rolls is well on his way along the pathway to heaven.....A cream soda will secure entry..!!

Watching MI5 though.....well that is questionable!!!!


rlove2bike said...

Ahhhh...cream soda. Good luck with your plans. I think which ever plan comes to be, you will make it work.

Thanks for the post!

Chandra said...

Potato chips sounds good. I haven't had any lately. I like the crumpled paper, which resembles a white rose.

Paz :)

limom said...

ZielonaMila, thanks for stopping by!
I was digging your pictures too.

Trevor, lemme tell you, MI-5 is better than most of the stuff we got on tv here.
Well, except for Law & Order.

rlove2bike, thanks!

Chandra, More chips!