Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Final

What's going on?
So many people!
Oh yeah, it's Sunday.
I sort of forget what day it is, you know, being on vacation and all that.
Everyone was trying to get to the beach:

I swear, it was like they were giving something away for free!
No wonder!
Look at all the folks:

It's summer so that means canoe racing:

It was a bit windy today so them paddlers had their work cut out for them.
I hung around to catch the end of the heat:

Winner winner chicken dinner!
What's that?
I had to break out the Flat Tire Secret Spy Glass(FTSSG) to check out what those black dots were next to the marker flags.
See them? Right next to the yellow flag!
Right there!

Like threading water!
I must have happened upon the middle of the race and those folks floating around out there must have been there for a crew change at the midway turn.  There were a pair of people at each flag just sort of hanging out there for the whole race.  If you squint yer eyeballs at the third image, you can see them bobbing there.
They should take up water walking.
Well I did manage a nice 25 miles, my usual route, though it was such a nice day I was tempted to stray. 
My legs are just not up to it yet, maybe in another month.
I was a huffing and a puffing all over Kailua, leaving a trail of perspiration behind me.
Not a pretty sight.
Though the sights were pretty.
Seeing as how the beach was really crowded.
If you know what I mean.
Good news is tightening up my headset got rid of the Boom Shakalaka and now I only have miscellaneous rattles and creaks.
I suppose I'll get used to it.
Anyways, I'm back on road!

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