Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Good News, Homework

Oh yeah, homework.
I don't really mind homework as long as it's not the tedious kind like doing quadratic equations over and over or learning the formula for circles.
I got better things to do.
No, this homework is like what it is, working at home and studying up on something interesting and relevant, which is actually what good teachers do.
Make quadratic and circle equations relevant I mean.
Anyways, today I finally secured one of our outboard sites, a community park where we plan to hold bicycle safety thingys.
This was major for now we have a real event, not just a street gathering.  I mean now folks actually have to ride or walk somewhere.
Which is pretty much the point of the whole thing.
I still have one more section to access to make the ride a three mile loop, then I can really dig in and formulate my plan for world domi-, I mean finalizing our route.
Well now that I got that done, it's time to head out on the road and visit all the folks who will be affected by our street closure.
I'm puttng together an informational fact sheet thingy so folks don't get their you know what's all in a bunch.
No, I'm not going out there alone, because I've got an intern!
Okay, not really.
Well, sort of.
The Intern is a college student who is working towards some community service hours she needs for her degree or something, we're still trying to figure out how to work this all in.
It'll sort be like the blind leading the blind for I'm not exactly experienced in this sort of thing.
So I got this:

A guide from the folks over at Open Streets Project, folks who have compiled information on street events across the country.
Included are some tips on how to put together an open street event along with stuff like what kind of activities other folks have and where they got their funding.
Good stuff and stuff I really needed.
Like I said, this is all new territory for me.
So anyways, getting that park was real good news and it means we can really bear down on other things that need well, bearing down on.
I also need to do some reading so I can get me some ideas and formulate a plan of attack.
I mean approach.
Or strategy.
Or something.


RANTWICK said...

I like your approach to planning. Its like you were in my head.

John Romeo Alpha said...

Failure to plan is planning to fail. Plan the work, then work the plan.

limom said...

RANTWICK, thanks, I sort of wish you were in my head.

JRA, the obstacle here is unknown territory.
Plans are being written on the spot, so to speak, as no one has done this before.
I'm making things up as I go along.
Hey! sort of like this blog!