Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Early Edition

It's cool man.
I'm cool.
You all be cool now.
Oh yeah, it's all cool.
Now that I have this:

I got this a while back and since I gave away the Lanikai Express it's been sitting unused in a corner, collecting some serious dust.
It's one of them rear trunk thingys that attaches to the rear rack via straps:

I"m not sure how secure they are, I mean there are only two of them and despite having this thing for a while I've never really had the chance to use it.
Okay, I think I used it once, to carry a sandwich and drink to the beach.
Back when I actually stopped at the beach.
Anyways, you can fit more than a sandwich and drink inside:

Probably a six pack of Hawaiian sports drink with room to spare.
It's also insulated so that your favorite cold beverage stays well, cold.
Or at least cool.
I'll also be able to store all kinds of other stuffs inside the side pockets so that I think I'll be able get ride of the saddle bag.
As it is right now, it sits just a tad higher than the seat, but I got some adjustment on the rack so I think I can make it sit at least even or maybe a bit lower.
Helps when you're swinging your piston like leg over it.
If you know what I mean.
Okay, I got some adjustments and tuning to do.
I'm gonna test it out later today, you know, with a cheese roll run.
Or something.


Trevor said...

I have a similar rear rack top bag made by Altura.
I have used it on many a long ride and it seems pretty secure to me.
It fixes by way of a couple of velcro straps and has never come off or worked loose.

John Romeo Alpha said...

Sunday Final?? My weekend is still hanging, close it off! :)

limom said...

Trevor, what worries me is the side to side movement.

JRA, apologies.
I was sleeping.