Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Early Edition

It's over.
Sort of.
Unofficially, my vacation, my couch potatoness, my inertness, has come to an end.
Now I have to get busy.
I took the last two weeks off, deciding to do as much of nothing as I could, you know, just to see what it felt like.
Unfortunately/fortunately I had this Hele On thingy to keep me busy though managing one thing is not exactly busy, at least for me.
Well now it's time to implement the Plan of the Summer(POTS), which if you have been following along at home, I wrote about a while back.
So anyways, POTS begins today.
Okay, I'll try to start POTS today for couch potatoness is pretty hard habit to break, especially if you've got like five more seasons MI-5 to go through and 381 movies in my queue.
I don't know why, but that movie queue doesn't seem to get any smaller, in fact it seems to grow by the day.
My goal of course is to see every movie ever made, something I plan to get done by the end of summer.
Okay, not really.
Maybe sometime around October.
Besides that, I got some other stuff on my POTS, like working my way through this:

Fifty pounds of clay.
It doesn't look like much there, while it's in bags, but trust me, that's a lot o'bowls right there in that box.
As you can see, I've taken the first step.
I actually opened the box.
That's been sitting around in my car for two weeks.
Now, I just have to clean up my mess from last year:

The clay making machine thingy.
Which I haven't touched since like November.
I''m sort of afraid to look and see what's in that bucket.
If you know what I mean.
It's also time to get back into some form of bicycling shape, which means actually getting out and riding a bicycle, not just sitting around looking at one.
Which I do all the time.
Sit around and look at bicycles I mean.
I have to say, sitting around looking at bicycle is not all that unpleasant.
I mean I could do it all day.
Which I have been.
That though, is coming to and end!
Starting today!
As soon as Law & Order is done.

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