Thursday, June 7, 2012

Courtesy Call

Tonight I/we had our three minutes of fame.
Three minutes to present our event to the Flat Tire Land Neighborhood Board(FTLNB), which also happens to represent Kailua too.
I've never been to a neighborhood board meeting.
I mean I hardly every talk to my neighbors let alone meet with them.
Not knowing what to expect, I had all my papers and plans and was ready to answer a volley of questions about what we're doing and how we're doing it.
The FTLNB addressed a number of concerns like tour buses and signs and park bathrooms and money for schools and speed bumps and well, you get the picture.
Then came our turn to stand up in front of them and present our stuff:

Okay, that's not me up there but someone else doing their thing.
We gave the FTLNB a brief explanation of what we wanted to do and that was it.
I think we fielded one question about how much it was costing the City, but other than that, well that was that.
To tell you the truth, I expected some opposition, I mean we are closing a street and all, and I figured someone would complain about it, but for the most part all we got were stares.
Okay moving on.
So I moved on.
I'm not sure what all this was about other than to let some folks know what we were doing.  I mean it's not like we needed approval or anything and no one took a vote on it.
I guess it was more like a courtesy call.
Sort of a Hey! we're doing this thing up the street and we're just letting you know and if you have any questions....
Okay, I suppose it was good to let other folks in on our plans, yet I get the feeling some of them could have cared less.
Anyways, next up is talking to the actual merchants on the street we're closing and telling them what we're doing.
That, will not be a courtesy call.
More on that later.

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