Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday Final

Some free time.
Well okay, I was watching Law & Order earlier, but I don't count that as free time as Law & Order commands my full attention.
I'm still in the Jill Hennesey years, if you know what I mean.
So anyways, our meeting went well and it finally seems like we're moving full steam ahead.
Damn the torpedoes and all that good stuff.
It sounds like we got a grant from the City and County of Honolulu and more potential funds are being sought.
Which is good cause I'm not so good at getting funds but I'm really good at spending it.
Funds I mean, particularly other folks' funds.
Speaking of other folks' funds, we took another look at the budget and I decided to add another $1000 to it, you know, just in case.  I had only $1000 for miscellaneous stuff and I just know I'm missing something so I doubled it.
You never know.
It's also time to get the other bike shops on the island involved and we're off and running.
We'll see what we get in the next few weeks.
I'm hoping for something big like some Madones or some Venges or some SuperSixes or some TCRs.
Or something.
Then again I'll settle for some beach cruisers to give away or some front baskets and water bottles.
We're also beginning to get some idea of what kind of activities we're doing and who exactly we want involved.  This may be the hard part for now because of all our scaling back we have limited space for bicycle stuff.
I gotta say, I came away from today's meeting feeling really good!
I think maybe it was because the bad news was minimal, or maybe I'm just getting use to hearing it.
Most of the stuff going around the table was very positive and upbeat.
Ideas were just flying around and folks were putting their hats in the ring.
Which is something I really needed.
More hats in the ring I mean.
For a while it's been like folks doing the ole Hokey-Pokey with one foot in and one foot out and turning all about and finally today it felt like we were all holding hands signing Kumbaya.
No really.
It was a warm fuzzy.
All over.
Sort of.
I think the next 30 days or so are going to be crucial and we should really have some kind of idea of how this whole thing is going to turn out.
I for one, am optimistic.
I think.

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