Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cantis & Cactis

Okay, I know that the plural of cactus is not cactis.
I sort of did an eye rhyme there.
If you know what I mean.
So anyways, I was working on the cantilever brakes on Gary the other day. I got some new cables, called transverse cables, the ones that go between the two halves of the brakes.
In reading up on cantilever brakes, it sort of astonishes me that modern technology came up with such a cruel an unusual way to stop a bicycle.
Cruel and unusual in the sense that it takes like five sets of hands to adjust these things.
I mean really, there should be some sort of alignment rack for these things cause you not only have to adjust toe in but camber also.
Then you gotta make sure they line up all nice and centered too.
I'm not even going to bother with picture of them for they still look all goofy and such and I still have to replace those transverse cables and mess them all up again.
Sure wish I hadn't gotten rid of those Single Digit Sevens.
On the other hand, they are authentic.
Even if they are a pain in the ass.
I said ass!
Speaking of a pain in the ass, well, they aren't really a pain in the ass unless you sit on them, I got me some new friends:

They're small little fellas and sort of a motley bunch, but friendly non the less.
Just don't sit on em.
So anyways, I'll bet you're wondering, why did he get cacti?
I'm not sure myself, it just seemed like a good idea.
Or maybe I just been reading too many blogs about riding bikes in the middle of the desert.
I've been wanting to get some cacti for some time. Again, I don't know why, maybe they just look cool.
I mean everything looks cool when they are small right?
Seriously, just look at them:

Don't you want to just pick them up and cuddle them?
Okay, not really.
They are sort of cute though.
What am I going to do with them?
Beats me.
Raise em I guess.
Hopefully Amazon has a good book on cacti growing, preferable a used one.
It's also time to get the ole pottery wheel going to make me some cacti pots.
Maybe a cacti mini zen garden.
Or something.
Hopefully, they won't need too much adjustment.

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