Friday, June 25, 2010

Ticks and Clicks, Pings and Dings

Took the Lanikai Express out today for a ride around Kailua.
It was one of those 'just get out' days, so I just sort of rode around going nowhere.
I think I got rid of the slipping seat post thing. I marked the post with some tape and it only seemed to slip about a sixteenth of an inch before holding.
Now that I think about it, I'll probably take the post out again and use a file to roughen up the interior of the seat tube.
Got a funky click/clunk/tick/tunk on the drive side pedal that wasn't there before.
Also some high pitched pinging and dinging.
I very much dislike these kind of noises that just sort of appear and disappear.
I pulled over in the park and tightened up the chain ring bolts and that seemed to help.
I think I need to take apart the cranks, grease every thing up, then tighten back up.
I'm wondering if I should use some Loctite on there too.
Stickers came in the other day and I badged the head tube:

The emblems came in a single sheet; here they are after I cut them up:

Those are not the correct emblems. The down tube badges just said 'Fisher' and the head tube badge was an 'M', not the newer mirror imaged M.
Still, it's a Fisher and I feel sorta obligated to badge it.
It rained on my ride.
One of those short but intense rains that comes rolling in from the ocean then disappears just as quickly as it came.
It was a pretty hot day with little wind so it steamed when the pavement got wet:

Sort of hard to tell there but if you look closely you can see the wisps of steam rising off the parking lot.
I did another lap around Kailua town before heading on home.
Funny thing about the windward side of the island.
It's still pretty much country.
Although it is all urbanized and the like, there are still patches and signs of country life.
Once in a while you can even see chickens on the side of the highway.
One mile from my house and right before you hit the Safeway, there's this:

That's right, we got pasture land right down the street.
Now there's horses but there was a time when there were cows. That open land wraps around the hills and ends up the street from me. I was out walking one night and was startled out of my pants by cows mooing.
Seems the cows were hidden by the brush behind the fence next to the sidewalk.
If I was riding my bike, with all it's clicks and ticks and dings and pings, I might have frightened them off.


John Romeo Alpha said...

We have some horses and chickens in my urban neighborhood too, on larger lots called "horse properties". Clicks and dings and pops and pings: must be found and silenced.

limom said...

Unusual noises will be hunted down with extreme prejudice.
Then again, sometimes I feel like shooting everything down with LPS or something and saying the hell with it.