Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mare Humorum and Gassendi

There was a bit of moisture in the air tonight so images are not real sharp.
Four days past the first quarter:

The Moon is almost full!
From there, if you want check out the Moon past full, you have to go back into the archives for there are just a few days for me to fill.
Anyways, here's Mare Humorum, the Sea of Moisture, and Gassendi:

Mare Humorum is not that much bigger than Sinus Iridum(see last night). It's about 380km in diameter.
Gassendi, named after a French guy who corresponded with Kepler and Galileo is 110km.
Speaking of Kepler:

Kepler stands out because of the reflection of the ejecta field, though not as brilliant as Copernicus. The crater is only 32km across, but the ray field is quite prominent.
Both Copernicus and Kepler reside in Mare Insularum, or the Sea of Isles.
Moon Factoid for tonight.
The Moon is about 230,000(average) miles distant. If you rode your bike at an average of 15mph, it would take you about 640.5 days to get there.

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