Sunday, June 27, 2010

No (hard)Cycling for (this)Old (man)Men

Man, I was feeling old today.
Okay, I am sorta old so I guess I was actually feeling my age.
I almost had another attack of DILBPS.
For those of you not following along at home, that's Dehydration Induced Low Blood Pressure Syndrome.
I wasn't feeling my best as I made my way around my regular route. I mean my legs were sort of there, but not quite up to my usual Herculean efforts.
My head began to feel strange after a bit but I thought maybe I was having a bad hair day.
You know, the kind of day when your hair hurts.
Anyways, it happened at mile nine, just after I climbed up the hill to the entrance to Lanikai.
My heart rate went up and unfortunately, my blood pressure did not.
Got a bit woozy, so I got off the bike and stood there for a while and caught my breath.
Now this hasn't happened to me in a while.
On the days after I get dialysis, I try to get out later in the morning; I don't just wake up and go out for a ride.
Today, I had been up for about four hours so I figured all was okay.
Apparently not.
I drank some water and did the two and a half miles around Lanikai in neutral, just testing myself.
After the free ride I got the last time this happened, I wisely decided not to push myself too hard today.
So I was sitting at the Chevron, thinking about things, drinking my Icee:

Maybe there is no cycling for old men.
Of course that's not true.
There are probably a GAGILLION old dudes out there who could ride my legs off. I mean just because you get old doesn't mean you stop riding your bike.
Doesn't mean you have to stop riding hard either.
It's this kind of day that makes me rethink my reasons for riding.
I do it because it's healthy.
I do it to keep my weight under control.
Of course I do it because it's fun.
Kinda sorta.
I mean it 's fun just riding around.
It's also fun when you push yourself.
On the other hand, it's not very fun if you have to wonder if you are going to make it back home.
I guess I just have to learn to read the signs my body gives me, like I did today, and take it easy sometimes.
So anyways, I got back on the bike and did the rest of my route.
I took it nice and slow see, that's the way to do it.
Nice and slow.
I came up my hill and was in my garage when I felt DILBPS coming on again.
Boy, getting old sucks.


John Romeo Alpha said...

I don't know if getting old sucks, but DILBPS definitely does, by the sounds of it. Hope everything works out so you can ride again soon. Maybe thinking about Jennifer Connelly serving you an Icee would help.

limom said...

Oh no, I'm fine!
I think.
Thanks for the concern though.
I'll be out tomorrow, racking up the miles.
Just have to be careful is all.