Monday, June 21, 2010


Took out Gary for his shakedown cruise.
Except for the Banshee Brakes and some crunch in the bottom bracket, it rides pretty good.
I think I'm going to change out the bars and stem for something I'm more used to.
Them straight bars get take some getting used to.
Anyways, I'm sitting at the beach, eating a pastrami sandwich from Aloha Salads in Kailua.
Not bad.
The sandwich I mean, not the woman behind the counter who was a bit more than not bad.
So I'm at the beach eating my sandwich and I notice they're opening up the canal to the ocean.
Usually the canal is blocked up:

Now this really cool.
To me anyways, for as long as I've lived here, I've never seen them actually doing this.
I ride by all the time, and usually it's already done, or they are just getting ready to start.
So I park Gary and watch:

I'm telling you, I could have watched these guys all day.
It was sort of like working on a giant sand castle and watching the waves break it down:

I stood there for another half hour after they were done.
I wanted to see if the wave action would create a natural path or if it would start to build up again.
Couldn't tell for I think the tide was still going out.
Anyways, it was way cool to watch them move all that sand.
I had to pack it up and get going for I'm off to Honolulu side tonight.
Not before I caught a bit of a burn on my back.
Oh and the new Gary Fisher Lanikai Express?


John Romeo Alpha said...

A yellow bike in a beachy place, my new wallpaper, thank you Flat Tire Bicycle Rejuvenating Co. Seriously, looks great, it's one of a kind now.

limom said...

I'll do a more in depth feature on it tomorrow.