Saturday, June 26, 2010

No Upside to Being Late

Boy, I feel pretty lame.
I mean I was all set to check out the eclipse and it already happened!
Like last night!
Right as I watched the Moon pass in front of my window!
I mean I was charging up the camera batteries and getting my stuff ready to charge out the door in search of clear skies; I even put gas in my car!
I even went out to get a picture of tonight's Moon rise to start things off:

Now, I have to sit here and watch like The Magnificent Seven or reruns of NCIS
I should have approached this like cutting wood: measure twice, cut once.
No kidding, I was literally sitting here watching the Moon pass outside my window!
So anyways, I'm going to sit here and sulk for a bit.
I'm trying to find an upside to this, but I'm having trouble.
I mean seriously, is there an upside to being incredibly stupid?
Well, I guess that means I can go to sleep early.
Or something.
December 17 it's supposed to happen again.
I might have to tattoo that date on my forehead.
Backwards of course.
You know, so I can read it in the mirror.


dogimo said...

I think the moon pic you did get is pretty as hell, and probably prettier than any eclipse pic would have been.

But it's no use denying that the eclipse pic would've been cooler. We give way more love to the rare than it probably really deserves on merit.

limom said...

I was really bummed because the eclipse would have been sort of the center piece of the Moon project I'm working on.
Oh well, wait till December I guess.