Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dream Bike(s)

So now that we got the group set possibilities out of the way, it's time to explore all the other stuff that will complete the dream bike.
Okay, not really.
I don't really have a dream bike.
No really, I don't.
You, the reader, might think I do for I look at lots of bikes, here, there and everywhere, but for some odd reason, there is no one bike I covet.
Notice I said one bike.
Admittedly, there are lots of bikes I wouldn't mind having, but none are equipped with the "come hither" hand, beckoning me to go out and mash the pedals.
I mean there aren't any frames out there causing me lose sleep, making me toss and turn at night. I don't sit about day dreaming of Columbus tubing or this or that kind of carbon fibre weave or anything.
Okay, actually I do.
Day dream about Columbus tubing.
You can add Dedacciai to that list too.
I spend my idle time at work right now thinking about three or four frames, but none of them are what I would call dream bikes.
The bike to end all bikes.
The pinnacle of bikedom.
The epoch of cycle goodness.
The mother of all bikes.
Or something.
You know what I mean.
The cost is no object bike.
For some odd reason, bicycles are different.
I mean if money was no object, I'd own a Ferrari for sure.
As for bicycles though, it's not really about the performance or bling.
Okay, it's about the bling.
Sort of.
With bikes though, you cannot buy speed.
Or endurance.
With bicycles, you are getting a vehicle, a vehicle to measure your performance, your endurance.
In the end, the so called dream bicycle is all about you.
It's about what you dream about as a cyclist.
The dream bike is one that best fits the image created in one's imagination.
At least that's my take on it.
Which helps shed light on why I don't have a dream bike.
I have no image of myself as a cyclist.
I just like to go out and ride my bike.
Okay, I like to tinker with it too.
I have no image I wish to project, so I have no one bike that fits any imaginary type.
When it all comes down to it, my dream bike is the one that's sitting across from me right now.
It's the one I happen to be riding.
Well, I do think about the next bike I'll be riding too, but it's not really a dream bike.
Having a tinker type personality, I've come to realize that I will probably go through a whole bunch of bikes, thinking each one is the last, only find that I need to tinker with something else.
Let's face it, if money was no object, I'd have every bike ever made and some place to put them too.
Like that's every going to happen.
So since there's no real dream bike, I'll just write about the soon to be new bike, or the soon to be new to me bike and let it go at that.
Now that doesn't mean I won't be thinking about them.
Maybe even dreaming about them.
The bikes I mean.


Trevor Woodford said...

Whenever I've bought a bike that I have 'dreamt' of owning you can bet your money that I soon start dreaming of yet another bike.

John Romeo Alpha said...

I think my dream bike is the one I haven't seen yet. My road bike was my dream bike and I didn't even know it, until a knowledgeable LBS guy listened to what I was looking for, sized me up, and sent me for a test ride. A dream come true.

limom said...

Trevor, exactly!

JRA, maybe I just haven't come across it either or maybe it just hasn't been invented yet.
Now a dream bike is different from a bike that rides like a dream.
I ain't got one of those either.