Thursday, May 5, 2011

B & Bs

The bottom bracket and the brakes.
That's what I worked on today.
I expected the to see something really bad but instead was pleasantly surprised. Using the Flat Tire Bottom Bracket Tool:

I took apart the bottom bracket and cleaned it up.
The cups were not as bad as I thought, although they were a bit scored:

I also cleaned up the bearings, repacking them automotive style by pushing in fresh grease until the old stuff came out:

Put the whole thing back together and it feels pretty smooth.
I won't really know until I actually go out and pedal but I've taken out the slack and it no longer makes funky grinding sounds.
Interesting axle, it is square taper, but it is threaded on the ends.
Meaning there isn't a bolt holding the crank arms on, but a nut.
Now the problem with the brakes was that I ordered me some 10 degree angled pads and I found that they don't sit well on the braking surface:

The back wasn't as bad as the front there, but you can see how much they are off.
Well, I remembered that I ordered these pads for my old Campagnolo brakes:

Just some generic BBB brand pads for my old calipers.
Luckily they fit right on, and the angle looked to be perfect:

I gotta say, getting them center pulls working were sort of a pain, though not as bad as trying to set up cantis.
I mean getting those cables set up correctly took some trial and error, mostly error but I think I finally got it.
How they stop, I don't know.
I'll find out as soon as my seat post gets in.
Assuming it is the correct size.
There's also a slight problem with the rear derailleur, hopefully that goes away once I grease up the chain.
Okay, let's see if it all comes together!
Stay tuned.

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