Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Endless Wandering

Nothing like a good cap.
You know, to cover your head and all.
Especially if you don't any have hair and you need that protection from the sun.
I still have some.
Hair on my head I mean.
You need to train a good cap.
Break in the bill and get it curved just right.
I wore caps all the time, having my favorites that I eventually wore out.
Actually, caps don't really wear out, they just get all stinky and such.
That was back in another life and not what this is all about.
In my eternal wandering of the vastness that is the eVilness of eBay, I come across some pretty strange stuff.
Okay, not really strange, but strange when you really think about it.
If you know what I mean.
The other day, in my Quest for All Things Campagnolo(QFATC), I came across this:

Campagnolo bar end caps!
The last thing on the Celeste Devil that I could possibly convert to Campagnoloism.
It's a religion don't you know.
Do I need them?
Do I want them?
Unequivocally yessir!
Can I afford them?
Not for no fifty bucks a pair!
Fifty American dollars for two plastic thingys!
Uh, I don't think so, the Blessed Church of Campagnoloism will just have to do without me.
Not what this is about though.
Wait, I already said that.
This is about the caps:

Yes, those small black plastic thingys that go on the end of your presta valve stems.
Now if you've been following along at home, you, the reader, know what's coming next.
For the now departed Rockhopperage, with the Chris King bling, I had to(no really, I was compelled) get these:

To match the red anodized goodness and like colored spoke nipples of course.
Then the Celeste Devil came along and I had to get these:

To coordinate with all the other blue thingys I was putting on like zip ties and stuff.
So the other day, I was looking at the now Obtainable Lightness of Roundness and decided that something was needed to complete the look.
Trevor, repeat after me: image is everything.
So I got these:

Of course to match the color of the aero goodness-
Hey wait just a minute!
What the hell?
What was I thinking?
I get them stupid little black valve stem caps for free!

Like they come with every tube!
Okay Mr. Flat Tire, step away from the keyboard.
I think I've been wandering the vastness of eVilness for too long.
Admit it do I, that was a dare I say it? banana headed purchase!
Well okay, those black anodized puppies are a little nicer than them generic plastic ones.
Maybe another color?
Back to wandering the vastness.
It's sort of hopeless.
If you know what I mean.


John Romeo Alpha said...

And nasty.

limom said...

Love it when you talk dirty.
Sort of.