Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday Early Edition

Work continues on the Bike With The Funny Name(BWTFN).
It's is beginning to take shape and develop a personality of it's own.
Or make that my own.
Personality I mean.
Anyways, I put on a saddle bag, the one I had on the Barn Door:

I like it for you can stuff a lot of crap in there and it has an internal plastic thingy that helps it keep it's shape.
It does tend to hit the back of your legs while riding, but you get used to it after a while.
The JandD bag is large enough to hold a pump, tool, tube, CO2s and whatever else you feel the need to carry.
Next came the cheese roll and kim chee transporting apparatus:

Again off of the ole Barn Door.
It's one of those baskets where when you lift the carry handle it detaches from the bracket and you can remove it.
It clamps on to the handle bars:

Not very well I might add for the basket has a propensity to sag down and hit the tire when carrying anything with some weight.
No matter how much you tighten the clamps, you get the sag.
Gravity don't you know.
Oh, and don't mind the brake cables, I'm changing them when the new bars come in.
Actually it looks like I should trim the front one as it looks close to binding, but I'm really lazy.
Well, since I am unable to remove the quill stem, I am also unable to remove the front reflecto bracket which will now serve as a basket proper upper thingy:

I'm headed off to The Flat Tire Fabrication Department to figure out some kind of bracket to keep the basket in an upright(that's what I'm talking about Willis!) position.
Although looking at the angles, even if the basket sags all the way down, it will hit the front brakes before it hits the tire.
The basket will get a lot of use for I noticed yesterday, that the BWTFN has no water bottle thingys:

What's the deal with that?
I mean how am I going to take long scenic rides into the English country side all dressed up in my Sunday best tweed without any water?
Ever since riding this bike the other day, I have the strange urge to go out and purchase some knickers and some long socks and I may start smoking a pipe.
Or something.

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