Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Early Edition

So yesterday was spent just tooling around the couch.
Not even the house, I sort of just made the couch Flat Tire Central and watched some Tour of California.
I was so lazy I didn't even make it out of the house to buy more Sour Cream and Onion chips.
I was storing energy you see.
Storing it up for summer break which is right around the corner.
Anyways, the postman came and brought this:

Get it? tooling around?
That's right internal spoke wrench fans!
A Park Tools internal spoke nipple thingy!
Of course if you, the reader, have been following along at home, you know it didn't fit.
In a long yellow potassium filled tube headed move, I ordered the wrong size!
It seems that there are like a GAGILLION different sizes of internal nipples out there!
Okay, I can't blame those pesky Italians for this one for it seems like Zipp, Reynolds, etc. can't get their act together and use some standard size.
So I ordered one of them three way Park Tool thingys just like the hex wrench except this one is for spoke nipples:

Of course Park also makes each size individually, and I did think about getting each one, but sanity prevailed.
I need to check and see if Park Tools has like a roll cab or something so I can show off my all my useless stuff.
So anyways, part of reason I stayed in yesterday was that it was raining intermittently and those Campagnolo wheels would be nice as rain wheels.
So instead of working on them I opened up a can of evilness:

I swear that stuff is like some kind of drug or something cause once you start you just can't stop!
Not until your fingers and your rag are all black and dirty and everything else in sight is all nice and shiny.
Sort of like seeing folks on the nickle machines in Vegas.
Or something.
The good news is that the crank on the Bike With The Funny Name cleaned up fairly well.
The bad news is that I only did one side.
Well, it's raining as of right now, so I guess there's something for me to do.
I also tried to get some oil in the free wheel, using more Triflo then some Chain-l.
I mean Chain-l looks like gear oil, so why not try.
It kind of quieted down the whirring and grinding sound so now the free wheel only sounds like a blender making a margarita.
Sort of reminds me of burritos.
So anyways I saddled up and ordered another free wheel and one of those free wheel removal tools.
I hope it's the right one.
If you know what I mean.
Since I was cruising the eVilness, I also took a look at some handle bar grips.
I wanted something different, you know to make the BWTFN more retro, so I figured leather might be nice.
Maybe too nice:

How's about a set of Selle San Marco grips for your gripping pleasure?
Okay, maybe if I had a Brooks saddle or something, but not for this grocery getter.
I did find some grips I liked, should be in next week.
Okay, hopefully this rain is only passing and I don't spend a whole Sunday with an open can of evilness.
I mean there's like a lot stuff around here that needs polishing.
There's also a lot of stuff here that doesn't need polishing that I may have to polish anyways.
If you know what I mean.

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