Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Final

So, off to the beach was I!
First of all, let me just say that the last couple days on the bicycle have not been good.
I got in my miles and all but man, they were hard miles.
Okay, make that hard and slow.
So today, knowing what was in front of me, I was feeling sort of hesitant about making the journey out to Makapu'u.
After doing a five mile warm up, I felt way better than yesterday so I hit the road.
Blah, blah, blah...
Finally I got to the beach!
They were already on the sand:

My broinlaw is an avid fisherman, that's him in the right corner near the water, throwing out his pole.
Like I got bicycle crap, he has fishing crap:

Actually I got fishing crap too, but he has more than I do so he wins.
My nephew also had a little rod and reel:

Going to catch the Big One.
Well, sort hard to do without any line on the reel.
Check out his slippers, sort of reminds me of, well, me.
Put down that fishing pole and come check out uncle's nice shiny bike!
Don't worry, he'll be on a bicycle, as soon as his legs get longer.
Parking area is right next to the beach, so folks just pull up, tent up, and do their thing:

Driving is not the only way to get to the beach.
This dude appeared from above:

He landed about a hundred yards away.
Sort of reminds of how I felt getting over there, like I was dragging a parachute behind me.
Getting there was all into the wind.
Well, they were getting ready to eat, but I didn't hang around to partake.
I had bigger burritos to fry.
So after showing off my new wheels to my brother, I took off and headed home with the wind at my back.
Oh yes.
The new quill stem I likey.
My position feels more comfy, even when on the tops, something I was worried about.
I was going to stop at the same place I got that burrito a couple of weeks ago, but I was feeling so good, I didn't want to stop and get filled up.
So into Kailua I went and instead stopped here:

I don't know why, but I've been on a burrito mission and I won't stop until I've had every burrito between here and Makapu'u.
I heard some good things about Garcia's and they didn't disappoint:

Sort of.
The shredded beef burrito was good.
Really really good.
Juicy good.
I was eating it so fast, I almost forgot to get a pic.
The not good thing is it was really small.
I mean really small for a Burrito Grande.
It was more like a burrito medium.
I'm not sure yet if the quality over rules the quantity, especially when you got thirty miles under you.
Below my burrito stop, some folks breaking a cardinal rule:

Never turn your back to the water.
I'm glad at least my broinlaw will teach my nephew these things.
The water here, no matter how pretty it looks, is still dangerous.
Even on calm days, it's a good rule to follow.
So burrito in the belly, off I went again and managed to get in another ten miles.
I need to start ramping up the distance for the Honolulu Century Ride is a few months away.
Even if I don't do the whole thing, there are two killer hills that to be honest still intimidate me.
I'll tackle those demons this summer.
I hope.


John Romeo Alpha said...

Do they make those slippas with SPD cleats? Maybe you could epoxy on a set. To ride down to the beach, I mean.

limom said...

Them slippas ain't that great for riding.
They tend to slap around the chainstays.
Flap flap flap.