Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Final

Well since summer is almost here, you all know what that means.
Yes, that's right water sports fans!
It's regatta time!
Okay, I don't know for sure if it's regatta time or not for I have no clue as to when the season starts and ends, but for at least today it was regatta time:

If you squint your eyeballs, you can just make out some canoes out there between the escort boats.
I gotta say, it wasn't such a good day for some canoe racing for the wind was blowing something wicked and it was creating a bunch of small swells in the bay:

Okay if you squint your eyeballs you can see some of the trade wind swells rolling in.
It wasn't as bad as the other day when the bay was all white capped but still, I wouldn't want to be out there paddling a canoe.
When Kailua hosts a regatta, the teams come early and stake out the beach front so they can set up their tents and stuff:

Here you can see an outrigger canoe parked on the beach in front of the team HQ:

Paddling has become a small industry here, we even got a paddling specific shop here in Kailua.
The paddles have also changed with different woods and even some high tech materials used in their construction.
Pick your weapon:

If you squint your eyeballs and take a look at the paddles on the right, you can see that the blades of some of them are not straight but offset, I suppose to make more power during the stroke.
There are also what appear to be a couple of paddles made of carbon fibre.
Oh yeah! the carbon goodness!
As I said in an earlier post, most of the schools here have a paddling team so it isn't unusual to see kids walking around school with their paddles in nice canvas paddle bags.
As with anything with the kids, having a really nice paddle I suppose is something of a status symbol.
Anyways, I passed by the beach twice and each time it must have been between heats for there weren't any canoes actually racing.
Maybe there were submarine races.
Wait, they only hold those at night.
Or so I'm told.
Anyways, there were tons of folks out enjoying the beach.
Yeah, I guess summer is here.

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